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3 beaches in a day - Conchal Beach Costa Rica

3 beaches in a day

May 18, 2018

One of the major attractions of Costa Rica is the beauty of its beaches.  Costa Rica has been blessed with more than 745 miles of coastline, of which the great majority is located on the Pacific.  Thanks to this extensive number of beaches it is possible to visit a great number of them in just […]

Howler Monkey Costa Rica Monkeys

Costa Rica Monkeys

May 10, 2018

If you are a fan of nature and decide to visit Costa Rica, you would probably expect to have an encounter with some cute and playful primates.  The good news is chances of sighting monkeys are really high. Stay with us and discover all you need to know about Costa Rica monkeys.   Breeds of […]

Costa Rica has gone from being a purely agricultural country to be an exporter of technology. While it is true that its main industry is still tourism, there is no doubt that science and technology in Costa Rica are breaking through in leaps and bounds.   In recent years, the name of Costa Rica has […]

Everyone knows that traveling with teens can be challenging. It is important to keep an open mind and remember that we all were teenagers once and consider that this is a difficult age for them too. If you are planning a family vacation and have not decided if Costa Rica is a good fit for […]

Volcanoes of Costa Rica - Poás volcano

Volcanoes of Costa Rica

April 13, 2018

Human beings have always been marveled at the magnificence of volcanoes. The natural shows that they offer during their activity are worth seeing at least once in a lifetime. The volcanoes of Costa Rica are a sample of the natural beauty of these structures, which we can enjoy safely.   There are more than 200 […]

Costa Rica Holidays and Celebrations Ticos are happy people always looking for a reason to celebrate.  Some days during the year motivate us to feel even more cheerful and get together with our families and friends.  So, if you are planning your next trip keep reading and find out more about Costa Rica Holidays and […]

Every four years Costa Rica gives a lesson of democracy to the world. Since 1889, this small country has shown to have a collective mentality that ensures popular representation and considers electoral freedom as a sacred right. Just two days before the elections in Costa Rica, today we celebrate our democracy on our blog. Latin […]

Costa Rica has done an amazing job positioning itself as an ecotourism destination.  So, naturally when you think about art, design or culture, Costa Rica does not pop up immediately. However, art in Costa Rica has had an important resurgence in the cultural and daily spectrum in recent years.   We invite you to learn […]


Driving in Costa Rica

March 17, 2018

When traveling to a new country, one of the most common questions is if renting a car and driving is a good idea.  If you are thinking about driving in Costa Rica on your next vacation, this guide will help you decide if it is the right choice for you.   Every country has a […]

If you are starting to plan a tropical vacation and you are feeling tempted about the option of staying in a house or condo, this week´s blog post can help you clarify your doubts.  A vacation rental in Costa Rica is a great option and many are preferring it over hotels, why? Continue reading and […]

Wondering when is a good season to visit Costa Rica? If you are interested in experiencing our culture, our recommendation is to schedule a trip during Easter and the previous weeks. Why? Well, discover why in our blog post today… Holy Week and Easter, is it the same? In countries like the US and Canada, […]

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