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Thanksgiving in Costa Rica

November 19, 2017

Wondering if you will be able to enjoy a juicy turkey and your favorite pumpkin dish if you travel to Costa Rica during Thanksgiving? the answer is definitely yes! Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated mainly by Americans and Canadians. However, not only the expats in Costa Rica are eager to celebrate this holiday. La Nacin, […]

Golf in Costa Rica

November 10, 2017

Our small country is a tourism jewel because of its verdant forest and jungle, expansive pristine beaches, and for the Pura Vida, but more recently the country is also widely visited because of the great golfing experience it offers.   In Costa Rica, golf started in the 40s, when the United Fruit Company built a […]

Happiness in Costa Rica

November 3, 2017

The world used to measure social and economic progress in terms of GDP. Nowadays, the world is focused on other measures such as the level of happiness. These rankings have positioned Costa Rica in the map as one of the happiest countries in the world, but why? Keep reading, you will want to move to […]

The wonders of Costa Rica and the warmth of its people make it appealing for many to consider buying a property. Recently the country was ranked second by InterNations among the worlds most welcoming countries. The objectives vary; enjoyment, investment, retirement; whatever the reason may be, there are generalities that apply to the overall real […]

Move to a new country can be exciting for the whole family, including the furry members. The process can also come with so many questions. Relocating a pet is not only about getting into the plane, it means finding a new vet and understanding how it is to have a pet in Costa Rica. We […]


Home Energy Conservation

October 6, 2017

The recent natural disasters keep reminding us that taking care of our planet is urgent. The responsibility of making a change or at least decelerate the progress of global warming falls in all of us and not just in the governments or huge industries. But, how can we all help? There are a lot of […]

When planning a trip, one of the most common dilemmas is if renting a car is a good option or not. To help you face this predicament and take a good decision based on the type of trip and traveler you are, we bring you some facts to consider.   One piece of advice that […]

Every country has a unique culture, food and its own way of doing things. Tipping policies, currency and payment methods, change from one place to the other and are part of the most frequent questions of any traveler. We hope this post is useful for your next visit to our country. Tipping Policy Costa Rica […]


Weather in Costa Rica

September 14, 2017

With all the recent happenings in the world caused by a changing weather, the question on how is the weather in a country we are planning to visit is more important than ever. Here you will find all you need to know about the weather in Costa Rica.   The country is located between the […]

If you want to have a life-changing experience during your upcoming trip to Costa Rica, be sure to include in your itinerary a turtles nesting or turtles hatching tour.   According to the Costa Rican Association of Tour Operators ACOT, the country is home to five of the seven species of sea turtles that inhabit […]

Selling a house can be challenging, however you can make a difference with small details that can help you engage the potential buyers with no need of a huge investment. There are thousands of articles, blogs, and Pinterest posts about this topic, but it is important to have a local point of view with recommendations […]

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