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Costa Rican Culture: Guaitil

February 16, 2018

Costa Rica is all about nature. Wherever you go you will find volcanoes, wildlife and biodiversity. But, when it comes about Costa Rican culture, a visit to the small towns of Guaitil and San Vicente is a must.   Guaitil Pottery The indigenous knowledge of the Chorotegas run in the veins of the locals of […]

The last chapter of this amazing journey through Costa Rica takes us to Puntarenas. This province is the largest one of the country covering almost all the Pacific coast of the country. El Puerto as Ticos refer to Puntarenas, is home to 9 protected areas, some very popular like Manuel Antonio, others not so much […]

Our expedition continues, and this week we will have a packed itinerary as we visit ten protected areas in the provinces of Cartago and Limn. Get ready to see the popular and cute slot and the most biodiverse area of the whole country. Let’s get started! Irazu Volcano National Park and Turrialba National Park The […]

Last week, we started a journey through the natural wonders of Costa Rica, and today we will be exploring the provinces of Alajuela and Heredia. With an area of less than 5,000 sq mi, our quest this week will visit two of the most important volcanoes of the country, also one of the most important […]

Costa Rica is well known for its biodiversity. Facts like having 5% of the worlds biodiversity or that 25% of its land is protected, have resounded deeply. As Costa Ricans these makes us happy and proud; however, as seasoned professionals of the hospitality industry, we have identified some misconceptions we feel important to address with […]

All cultures and countries have its own unique traditions that make traveling so interesting and Christmas is quintessentially the celebration that brings out all singularities. Of course, there are globally practiced traditions like decorating the Christmas tree or the idea of a magical entity that gives presents to behaved kids. But, did you know that […]

Expats communities are growing around the world, the majority of people move because of a career opportunity but some other take the decision of living abroad seeking a better life in terms of quality. The internet and numerous ways of communicating no matter where you are, have made easy the difficult decision of moving to […]

When you think about buying a house in the tropical Costa Rica, the first image that comes to everyones mind is a beachfront property.   Last week we talked about valuable information to have in mind when thinking about buying a property in Costa Rica, this week we share with you more details in case […]

The illusion of buying a property in the tropical, green and happy Costa Rica must always be complemented by professional advice. This means hiring an experienced real estate agent to find your perfect house or land but also, it is vital to partner with a real estate attorney. This team of professionals will allow you […]

If you have made up your mind about living the Pura Vida life and feel ready to move to Costa Rica, you probably will face the difficult decision of buying or building your home.   As any other decision in life, all choices present its pros and cons and they need to be studied in […]

Thanksgiving in Costa Rica

November 19, 2017

Wondering if you will be able to enjoy a juicy turkey and your favorite pumpkin dish if you travel to Costa Rica during Thanksgiving? the answer is definitely yes! Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated mainly by Americans and Canadians. However, not only the expats in Costa Rica are eager to celebrate this holiday. La Nacin, […]

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