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Want to reel in an aquatic beast? Off the shores of Guanacaste in Costa Rica, you won’t have to exaggerate about the size of your catch. Situated along the Pacific coast of northern Costa Rica, Guanacaste is renowned for its biodiversity, especially that diversity in its local waters.

These parts of the Pacific ranked as some the best place to fish in Costa Rica. Costa Rican sport fishing companies offer fishing options with all price tags. Most follow the catch and release system, and feature half or full day tours.
Sport Fishing in the Papagayo Gulf

The northern coastline of Guanacaste overlooks Papagayo Gulf, a luxury destination most famous for its beaches. The sun also shines out at sea, which is blessed with a diversity of marine life. Whether it’s your first or hundredth time dropping a line in the water, fishing in the gulf caters to all experience levels. The most sought-after fish are the mahi-mahi and rooster fish, often found in open waters far offshore. The good news is that the rooster fish goes hunting every hour on high tides, making it a perfect catch.
Tamarindo Fishing Trips

Originally a small fishing town, Tamarindo has boomed into one of the most popular tourist destinations in Guanacaste. The fishing spots are excellent year-round to search for game fish such as sailfish, all three types of marlin (blue, black and striped), wahoo, dorado, rooster fish and snapper. April through September is generally the best time to go for marlin, sails, tuna and to spot dolphin. With calm seas, Tamarindo is great for youngsters interested in their first sport fishing experience. October through December transitions into the dry season, churning up a variety of underwater species including billfish.
Playa Flamingo Deep-Sea Fishing Tours

Enjoy a day of blue water angling in Flamingo. This region is home to the country’s largest marina, making it a favorite among deep-sea fishermen. During the day visitors head out on a family fishing trip, where the whole family can relax under the hot Costa Rican sun, admire the gorgeous beaches, dolphins and reel in some of the bountiful sea life. With a captain at the helm, you’ll be sure to land over some breeding hotspots. Offshore fishing, which naturally takes longer to ride out, boasts mahi-mahi, yellowfin tuna and marlin while inshore waters harbor red snapper, jack crevalle, wahoo and roosterfish.

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