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My name is Melissa, proud mother of two boys, happy wife and General Manager of My Guanacaste Vacation.

The story of my company is an example of how life can give you difficult situations and depend on your attitude you can learn and grow, or see it as an obstacle and give up. In my case, I chose to learn and that is how we are here today.

It was at the end of 2006 when I was approached by a vacation club who was interested in opening the destination of Costa Rica. The chosen resort to host their members was Reserva Conchal. By then, I oversaw the concierge department at the resort, so the job came naturally for me. The job entailed having the properties in perfect shape, the planning of the member’s vacation and of course being their concierge during their stay. It was a great opportunity for me as I could take my experience to the next level. Business was booming and the job was exciting until the unimaginable happened in 2008. With the market crash, the circumstances changed and the destination club filed for Chapter 11, I felt devastated at that point in time. The area overall suffered a great deal as tourism is the base economy of Guanacaste. My husband whose area of expertise is real estate was also static. Regardless of the situation, we were both compelled to stay in this area as we truly enjoy the beach, the outdoor activities and the magnificent quality of life. Moving back to San Jose was not an option for us.

One day, a friend who was once a long-time client of my husband, invited us for dinner, we could never imagine that that night this journey was about to begin. While enjoying the night, he told us he wanted to do some remodeling to his place, and needed help coordinating everything while he was away. A job well done led to a referral from him and before we knew it, we were managing over 5 condos. The amount of time we have been helping owners within the resort gave property owners the confidence necessary to choose us as the company to look out for their private property. Over time, we began doing rentals as hosting clients was already a forte.

We are now proud to have stayed and we are proud of what we have built. We are a Costa Rican company, born and shaped by the philosophy of not giving up. A business guided by honesty and integrity, driven by the passion for helping our clients. We feel grateful to them for trusting in us with their vacations and their properties. We are committed to providing the best possible service and we constantly train our staff to make your experience the best one.