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If you are planning to take a well-deserved vacation or even better, move to our beautiful piece of paradise, it is important to not abandon your exercise habits. Here some ideas to stay fit.

More and more people decide to adopt a healthy lifestyle which includes regular exercise. However, when traveling or moving the idea of giving continuity to this habit can be challenging. Worry no more! We have a complete guide for you that allows you to keep the discipline or even better add some extra activities to your daily routine.

Options for the Outdoorsy

A no brainer in the area is Surf. This water sport is great to tone your entire body, it requires endurance and entire body strength. If you think about it, it is difficult to find a surfer that is out-of-shape. Not only you will lose weight and get stronger, but also it will help your balance, and you will have lots of fun. If you haven’t tried it before, don’t worry, we canrecommendyou professional instructors that will adapt the lessons to your pace, physical condition and age. Guanacaste is the best area in the country to become a surf adept, or to practice this sport, offering waves for all levels.

An interesting choice of a holistic approach that includes surf isB-Fit Retreat, which combines surf, functional training and healthy eating. They offer private and semi-private camps and sessions.

If you don’t feel like facing a wave is for you, Stand-up Paddle Boarding can be a great choice. If SUP is a strange sport for you, let us tell you that it is much easier than it looks like. Once you keep balance and have learned how to paddle well, there are many techniques to turn this relaxing activity into great exercise sessions. At thislinkyou can find instructional videos and tips to lose weight and tone your body with SUP. We can alsohelp you bookingyour SUP tours, rentals, and SUP Yoga sessions.

For those who prefer to keep their feet on the ground, the recommendation is Mountain Biking. Costa Rica is rich in topographical features, mountains, hills, plains, mounts and more can be found anywhere you look at, and Guanacaste is no exception. If you are spending some days, we can surely recommend Biking Tours that include the rental. If Costa Rica is going to be your new home, there are plenty of groups to join that will help you start in this discipline and discover breathtaking places.

Athletics and its running discipline have grown exponentially in the last 10 years in Costa Rica, allowing you to find professional training groups and coaches to guide you through the process wherever you go. You can also attend a myriad of careers organized throughout the country year-round. In the following link, you can find acomplete calendarof official competitions.

Indoor options

If staying in one of ourluxurious rental optionsor buying one of theProperties for Salewe have listed in Reserva Conchal, the access to the fitness center of the breathtaking Beach Club is included. So, if you enjoy a gym routine, you will love to work out here.

You can also find in the area a variety of gym, functional training and CrossFit options. Within a five-minute drive from your condo in Reserva Conchal,Koa Training Centeroffers from two to four daily (Monday to Friday) functional training sessions. Located in Tamarindo,Wise Training Studioopens from Monday to Friday for two sessions of training, at 8:00 am and 6:00 pm, each for two hours; services include Functional, Pilates with mat and Pilates with equipment, also private classes are available. If you prefer CrossFit, our recommendation isCrossFit Surfside, conveniently located in Playa Potrero, offers classes daily indoors and at the beach.

Of course, yoga could not be out of this little guide, there are plenty of studios all over the area. Let us know and we can help you find the perfect fit for you according to your level, type of yoga and choice if group or private lessons.

We hope these suggestions help you plan your trip or new life in paradise. Of course, if you have any other preference of activitycontact usand we will make our best to find the best option for you.