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Selling a house can be challenging, however you can make a difference with small details that can help you engage the potential buyers with no need of a huge investment.

There are thousands of articles, blogs, and Pinterest posts about this topic, but it is important to have a local point of view with recommendations that are real in our market and feasible. Lets start!


If your condominium or house has any bold colors consider changing it to more neutral and soothing ones. Remember that the potential buyers could not share the same color preferences that you have. White, ivory or light earth tones are most likely to please any person than a vibrant color. This neutral palette can also mean a white canvas for many people that are looking to start a new chapter of their lives. To buy the paint you can always visit a hardware store likeComacojust 10 minutes away from Reserva Conchal, or call a paint store likeGrupo Surwho can visit you at your home.

This also applies to any theme you chose to decorate your home. If the house if full of pineapples or elephants or any other theme, try to eliminate some items to give a neutral ambiance. You can always sell some of the pieces in a garage sale group on Facebook to finance some new ones. Always consider that the theme could not be the favorite one for other people and you dont want to lose a sale just because the buyer feels less attracted than you to that theme.


Houseplants and terrariums

When buying a house in Costa Rica, being close to nature is what most peoplearelooking for and some plants around the house can set that ambiance. Also, it is not a secret that plants are a great decoration item due to the low cost and because they give a great homey feeling.

It is important to always look for plants that adapt to the different spaces. You cant use the same houseplant in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Plant nurseries or viveros in Spanish are the best places for advice.

A great decoration trend is theTerrariums. From little pots with Succulents to uniquedecorationpieces can be found. You can also be creative and design indoor gardens that can give a fresh look to any space.



The heart of a house is always the kitchen and when it comes to adding value to your property, the kitchen is the king of all. You would think that any renovations in this space can be pricey but there are always some projects that are inexpensive and quick.

Not a lot of kitchens in Costa Rica display a backsplash, even luxurious ones. So, adding this feature can be a huge differentiating factor for your home. There are many options to choose from, but always remember the neutral factor to make your selection.

Another item that can help your home to stand out could be a farm style sink, another trend in the US that is not often to see in Costa Rica. Even though it is not something you find easily in any hardware store, a quick visit to any bigdecoration storein San Jos will be enough.


Textured Accent wall

An easy and inexpensive way to give character to a flat space is anaccent wall. Try to always apply the neutral rule and go with wood or stone avoiding complicated wallpapers and textures.


Light fixtures

An eye-catching element in any room is the light fixture but in a warm tropical destination like Guanacaste, choosing a ceiling fan instead of a gorgeous orb chandelier is a no-brainer. However, there are many spaces that can be enhanced with abeautiful light fixturewithout sacrificing comfort. Try adding some industrial style pendant lights at the breakfast bar or a nautical style fixture at the bathroom vanity.

Also, you can always find elegant and stunning floor lamps for any space that will create a great focal point.


It is important to remember that every house is unique and if you are planning to sell your house having an expert opinion on how to increase a WOW factor can be key. Remember also that decoration trends are like fashion trends and not all styles will apply to our home. Dont hesitate in asking us what remodeling ideas suits best your property, we will be happy to give you personalized advice and suggest a professional if needed.