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Wondering if you will be able to enjoy a juicy turkey and your favorite pumpkin dish if you travel to Costa Rica during Thanksgiving? the answer is definitely yes!

Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated mainly by Americans and Canadians. However, not only the expats in Costa Rica are eager to celebrate this holiday. La Nacin, the biggest newspaper in the country, held a survey some years ago to find out how Ticos felt about this celebration. The results showed that even though Costa Ricans understand that the historical reason of the celebration does not apply to the country, some families have decided to adopt the tradition as an excuse to gather the family and feel thankful for all their blessings.

If you count the many tourists that visit the country during this season, the American community that has decided to move to our Tropical Country and the Ticos that had adopted the celebration, its easy to understand the great offer of options that you can find in the market to enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving.

When staying at one of our breathtaking vacation rentals or if you are one of our fortunate new Homeowners, our recommendations to spend an unforgettable Tico style Thanksgiving are:

This option is great because the place is beautiful, right on the beach and they offer a great buffet starting at 7:30 p.m. The feast includes a salad bar, squash soup, Turkey carving station, maple and cayenne smoked salmon, local scallops, their signature gravy, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and other sides, and for dessert pecan and pumpkin pie. The price per person is $40 and they require a reservation.

If you want to stay close to home, Angelinas offer a special Turkey plate at $25, and their regular menu which is great! Reservations are also required.

If you prefer to stay home and invite your friends, the option of a private chef is one of the best experiences ever. Of course, this option will require an advanced reservation as the demand is high and the offer is limited.

The traditional option of cooking can be easily accomplished as our vacation rentals are fully equipped and nowadays its easy to run to the grocery store and buy all you need. We recommend the local Automercado or recently Walmart opened its doors in Liberia (40-min drive).

Either option you choose, the most important thing to remember is to include a thankful heart. Always remember the original meaning of the celebration, gather with your friends and family and enjoy the opportunity to count your blessings, including the opportunity of spending this great season in a tropical and pura vida country.

Have you enjoyed Thanksgiving in Costa Rica in the past? Let us know how did it go! And, if you decide to make a last-minute travel to our country, contact us and we will make sure to plan an unforgettable vacation for you.