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If you have made up your mind about living the Pura Vida life and feel ready to move to Costa Rica, you probably will face the difficult decision of buying or building your home.


As any other decision in life, all choices present its pros and cons and they need to be studied in order to get the right resolution. Here are some thoughts that we hope will help you choose the option that best suits your needs.


The first step is always to write your wish list. Having a clear list of all your needs in hand will save you a lot of time and money to help you compare properties and options.



Perhaps the biggest benefit of buying a house is time, especially if you want to move in soon. Even though the process of buying a house can be time-consuming, the truth is that once you find a home you like you will be able to move in within weeks.


Another benefit of purchasing a home is that there is no need to have a great imagination, what you see is what you get. For some people may be difficult to know if what they are seeing in a blueprint will fulfill their needs, and taking on this risks is not comfortable for the majority, so buying a house that you can see and feel is the best choice.


If your wish list is too long and specific, if building from scratch is out of possibility, then doing some renovations could help you get the pros of both options. If you consider this, remember to include the costs of the remodeling you are planning before committing to a Purchase Contract.




One great thing about Costa Rica is that you dont have to settle for a non-ideal house because you like the location or neighborhood. Almost nation-wide you will find home-sites to build your dream house. You do need to have good representation and proper due diligence to make an accurate decision considering basic real estate facts plus Costa Rican particularities.


If finding a contractor, spending long hours, days and weeks choosing and comparing finishings is not your thing, considering building on an established Real Estate project like Reserva Conchal may help you. When buying a home site in this type of properties, the developer will have pre-designed houses with recommended contractors that can save you headaches and money.


The big pro of building will always be customization, but also consider that you will be able to take advantage of new technologies that will help the environment but also help you save money in the long run. Additionally, a newer house is always attractive to the market, so if you decide in the future to sell your property, you will have better chances than older homes.


There is not a perfect and totally save choice when it comes to the decision of buying or building, so it is vital that you make a conscious and studied evaluation, but most importantly having professional guidance by an experienced real estate agent can make the difference between an amazing deal or a terrible headache.


Share with us what helped you made a choice and how you are feeling about your new home in Costa Rica.