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Expats communities are growing around the world, the majority of people move because of a career opportunity but some other take the decision of living abroad seeking a better life in terms of quality.

The internet and numerous ways of communicating no matter where you are, have made easy the difficult decision of moving to acountry away from home. Furthermore, the lifestyle of the big cities, where stress is breathable on the air and normal routines go more and more to the detriment of the physical and emotional health of people, is making people conscious that there has to be another way of living.

InterNations, is a global community that helps expats feel at home in more than 390 cities around the world. Four years ago, InterNations released its first global survey to understand the world in the eyes of expats and their concerns. Last year, for the first time, the survey changed its focus to the life of expats as an overall, not only about their working life. The results surprised them as the top countries of the past editions repeated in 2017.

Costa Rica ranked number two in the survey, breathing down Bahrain`s neck. But why exactly Costa Rica is a good place for expats? Is it just the Pura Vida? lets find out.

This specific survey rates 43 different factors, grouped into 5 categories: quality of life, ease of settling in, working abroad, family life and personal finance.

Our small country shined bright in the sub-category of making friends, taking the top spot in every question. 19% of the expats say their social circle is mostly Ticos, while 63% a mix of Costa Ricans and other expats.

Quality of life is also a category Costa Rica stands out, ranking 5 in the leisure options questions, 4 for personal happiness and 10 for health & well-being.

Expats feel that settling in the country of Pura Vida is easy, ranking 5 in the subcategory of feeling welcome, 5 for friendliness, 1 in all questions about finding friends and 13 for language. These numbers reflect why 48% of expats feel they want to stay forever.

The Working-abroad category places Costa Rica in the 14th rung out of 65, ranking 7 in the work-life balance sub-category.

One of the most impressive improvements for the country was the category of Family Life, in which the progress in the quality of education and the availability of childcare helped it jump 16 places from last years survey.

The personal finance index also shows a tremendous improvement, jumping up 19 positions. Almost seven in ten respondents (68%) are generally satisfied with their financial situation, with 79% saying they have enough or more than enough to cover their daily expenses states the report.

Some other reasons, outside this great survey, report that respect of nature and weather are huge motives to move in and never go back.

As Costa Ricans, we know for a fact that our tiny country is not perfect, we have huge areas of opportunity. However, for us who have had the opportunity of living abroad, the peace that can breathe every day, the capacity of Ticos of enjoying small things in life, the huge value to family and friends and the richness of our biodiversity make our country a great place to live.

Share with us your story, or if you are looking to experience Costa Rica as home contact us and we can help you find the perfect place for you.