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Costa Rica has positioned itself as one of the top destinations in the world for surfing.  Surf in Costa Rica has become so important that several world-renowned surf competitions and events have been hosted in the country.  The ISA World Surfing Games, took place in Costa Rica in 2016, assuring Costa Rica as one of the top places to visit if you are a true surfer.


What type of surfer are you?


Every year, hundreds of surfers visit our country to experience all-year round swells and the great weather.  But all these hundreds of surfers have different levels of expertise and also, are different types of travelers.


If you go through the several pages in the web dedicated to surf in Costa Rica you will find tons of information, however not all beaches are for all levels of surfers.  And, not everyone will have the time to spend weeks traveling through the country to experience the hundreds of beaches on both coasts.  Yes, we are a small country, but believe us when we tell you that it is not easy, and it will be possible to experience everything in just one trip.


So, if you are the type of traveler that enjoys a nice surf session but also like the comfort of staying in a luxury condo with all the amenities of a resort, this post is for you.  Today, we want to recommend you the best surf spots in northern Pacific, with comfortable drives of 2 hours or less.  This way, you will be able to experience a great surf trip with the best comfort in Costa Rica.


Surf in Costa Rica no matter your level of expertise


Experienced Surfer


Playa Negra

Located 21 miles south of Conchal, Playa Negra is named after the dark color of its sand.

Wave: Right-hand barrel, reef break.

Season: All-year-round

Tip: The rocky bottom can be risky in low-tide

Interesting fact: Featured in the surf movie Endless Summer II



Located 35 miles south of Conchal, its name means beautiful ocean

Wave: Right and left, beach break.

Season: All-year round, but best December to April

Tip: Look for the north spot at mid and high tides, and the south spot at low tides.

Interesting fact: Offers the most consistent beach break in all the north Pacific coast.

Witch's Rock Surf in Costa-Rica

Witch’s Rock. Image by Duke Media Solut

Witch’s Rock

Located within Santa Rosa´s National Park, this spot can only be accessed by boat.

Wave: Right and left, beach break

Season: All-year round, but best April to November

Tip: Always check first the tides and conditions as it is a long way to get there.  Avoid low tides and look for mid tides.

Interesting fact: The National Park where is located is part of a UNESCO´s World Heritage Site.



Intermediate Surfer


Playa Grande

Located only 11 miles south, Grande means Large in Spanish.

Wave: Right and left, beach break

Season: All-year-round

Tip: Look for medium to high tides for hollow A-Frame waves

Interesting fact: This beach is part of the Las Baulas National Park, which is a nesting site of the giant Leatherbacks sea turtles.

Avellanas Beach Surf in Costa Rica

Avellanas Beach. Image by Tiffany Redman


Located only 17 miles south. Avellanas is also called Little Hawaii.

Wave: Semi-hollows rights and lefts, river mouth and reef break

Season: All-year round, best from May to October.

Tip: Look for medium to high tides. Great for longboarders.

Interesting fact: Look for Lola, a huge pig that enjoys the ocean and sunbathing. Lola is the pet of a beachside restaurant named after her.



Really close to your condo, drive only 13 miles through the town of Tamarindo.

Wave: Good rights and not so nice lefts, river mouth and reef break

Season: All-year-round.

Tip: Look for mid incoming tides. Watch out for the rocky bottom.

Interesting fact: Ridley and Leatherback turtles nest on this beach during the nesting season.



Surf Beginners

Tamarindo beach surf in costa rica

Tamarindo Beach. Image by


Within a short drive of 12 miles, you will get to one of the most popular beaches in Costa Rica.  Tamarindo has two break points, for beginners we recommend staying close to the estuary.

Wave: Hollow right, river mouth.

Season: All-year round, best from May to October.

Tip: Look for mid and high tides.

Interesting fact: Explore the town, you will find shops, restaurants and bars.



This beach is located close to the town of Nosara at 52 kilometers south of Playa Conchal.

Wave: Right and left, beach break

Season: All-year-round.

Tip: All tides work, look for northeast winds.

Interesting fact: Nosara has a large community of expats from all over the world, whom along with locals intend to keep away huge developments and over-building.



No matter if your plans are to just scratch the surfing lessons from your bucket list, or add another destination to your long list of surf meccas.  Surf in Costa Rica should be part of every surfer goals. Close to your luxurious accommodation with us enjoying all the comfort and amenities you deserve, there is a beach waiting for you to ride its waves.


Let us know when you are planning your next surf trip and we will help you plan all the details.


Featured image by Waves Somewhere