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If you are starting to plan a tropical vacation and you are feeling tempted about the option of staying in a house or condo, this week´s blog post can help you clarify your doubts.  A vacation rental in Costa Rica is a great option and many are preferring it over hotels, why? Continue reading and find out.


Costa Rica

Let´s start with the basics learning a little bit about the country of Pura Vida.


Costa Rica is located in Central America, between the countries of Nicaragua and Guatemala.  It is home to 6% of the world´s biodiversity in a small territory, almost three times smaller than New York.   The official language is Spanish however, English is widely spoken.


Four characteristics that can describe the country are: nature, peace, democracy and happiness. Costa Rica has been a role model in terms of democracy and peace for years since the abolition of its standing army and the great role of the country in negotiating peace in most Central American countries.  Nature, of course, is a big thing for the country, attracting millions of tourists each year.  Its more than 20% protected land and the 1,000 miles of coastline makes Costa Rica an attractive destination.  Pura Vida is the perfect description of how Ticos like to live, being more than an expression, it represents a lifestyle that finds happiness in little things in life without worrying too much.

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Costa Rica´s main economic industry is Tourism, so naturally, the Real Estate business started to bloom as a consequence in the early 2000s.  Even though the growth of Real Estate was affected, as the rest of the world, by the economic crisis in 2008 it managed to resist leaving a wide inventory of amazing condos and villas all over the country.


If you are planning to visit a beach destination, we strongly advice trying a Vacation Rental in Costa Rica as your accommodation option, and here is why…


Why should I stay in a Vacation Rental in Costa Rica?




No matter if you are traveling in a large group or adventuring on a solo vacation, you most likely will find always an option for a Vacation Rental.  From studios to large villas, we have all you need.


When traveling in groups of family and friends, the cost of staying in a condo will be substantially lower than staying in a hotel.  This will apply especially when thinking in nice and comfortable accommodations.  While a luxurious condo that fits 6 people (3 bedrooms – 3 bathrooms) can have a rate of $300 to $550 per night, a hotel with the same or lower level of comfort that fits only 3 guests can go $250 to $500.


The rule can also apply to long-stays or stays of 3 nights or more. The average stay in Costa Rica is 3.4 nights, so it is easy to think that for almost everyone a vacation rental would be a better option.


Meals are usually one of the highest costs of a trip.  If you are staying in a hotel and especially in a beach destination, restaurants tend to be expensive. The resorts usually are designed for you to always be obligated to eat in their own restaurants, increasing the cost of your trip.  When staying in a condo, having your condo pre-stock through your concierge or visiting the local grocery store yourself can represent huge savings.  This will especially apply to families with young kids or teenagers.

Vacation Rental in Costa Rica - Reserva Conchal Malinche


Sense of community


One of the greatest pleasures of traveling is getting to know the local culture and almost all the time hotels and resorts are planned to keep you inside of its walls, especially the ones offering all-inclusive plans.  Staying in a Vacation Rental in Costa Rica and particularly in My Guanacaste Vacation, located within a Resort, offers you the safety, amenities and comfort of a Resort Destination but with an opportunity of sensing the place.


The community surrounding our neighborhood will delight you.  Beach-hopping, great adventure tours, national parks, a surf town, cultural sites and more await you.  Our concierge will be glad to help planning your trip to accommodate all your needs and desires.



Comfort and Service


In the past, the main disadvantage of staying in a Vacation Rental in Costa Rica was the lack of service.  However, My Guanacaste Vacation will accompany you throughout your vacation planning process.  Our full-service concierge can advise you and help you with great tour options, restaurants, transportation arrangements, among other services.

Malinche 26A -Ocean View - Vacation Rental in Costa Rica

The comfort of staying in a condominium or villa within a Resort, allows you to enjoy a great array of amenities such as a breathtaking beach club with pools, a spa, restaurants, one of the best golf courses in the country, a clubhouse with pool, transportation services within the property, hiking trails, kayaks, paddle boards, bikes and more!


If crowds are something you don´t enjoy, a Vacation Rental can be your best fit.  The residential developments are planned to have less density than hotels.  So, when staying in a hotel, when using the pool or finding a sunbed, you would probably have to share your space with a lot of people, and that is not my perfect vision of a vacation.

Nowadays, when airlines are charging for almost everything, traveling light is your best decision and having the possibility of a laundry room within your condo can be a great perk.  While in hotels the chances of having available a washing and dryer can be limited, in a Vacation Rental it is almost guaranteed. This would be of special value if you are traveling with small kids.




Even though having someone arranging your bed every day is nice, you would have to agree that having a stranger with full access to your room every day and every minute is really uncomfortable.   Hotels and its services can be intrusive.  If you prefer your privacy, you would enjoy a Vacation Rental. This will guarantee you no surprises while taking a shower, and the maid service can always be arranged when needed.




If all the above reasons have made you make your mind and you feel ready to have a great experience while staying at a Vacation Rental in Costa Rica, we invite you to check all the options My Guanacaste Vacation has to offer you.


With an experienced team and a service guaranteed by ranking first guest preferences, My Guanacaste Vacation is definitely your best option of accommodation for your next vacation.  Contact us now or send us your questions, we will be more than glad to show you what Pura Vida is and help you plan a memorable stay.