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Everyone knows that traveling with teens can be challenging. It is important to keep an open mind and remember that we all were teenagers once and consider that this is a difficult age for them too. If you are planning a family vacation and have not decided if Costa Rica is a good fit for you, here we tell you why it is a great destination for traveling with teens.

Before the trip

One of the golden rules about traveling with teens is to always involve them in the planning. Teenagers don´t like to be treated like kids and having mom and dad imposing things on them. Ask them in advance to do some research about the country and place you will be visiting. We encourage you to visit our blog, they can find great information about the weather, events and festivals, wildlife, food, our culture and way of living and more!


Where to stay when traveling with teens

Look for an enclosed and safe place to stay like luxury condos located within a 5-star gated community. Teenagers like their independence, so they will like to be unsupervised as long as possible. A gated community will guarantee you their safety while they wander around, or stay at the pool, go to the gym or just stays home alone. This way you will feel confident about letting them be by themselves, be sure they will return safe and sound and save an everyday discussion during your holiday.

Gated community Costa Rica traveling with teens

Choosing a safe place where teens can wander around alone is a priority.

A condominium will also allow them to have their space at a more comfortable price than paying two different rooms or more at a hotel. Remember that privacy is a big thing for them and it is essential that they have a place to stay without having to interact with anyone for a while if they don’t want to.

Another perk of staying in our condos is free wi-fi, and even though you would like sometimes to throw their mobile out of the window, it is important to understand that times have changed and stay connected it is vital for them and at the end for you too, as it will help you to have a pleasant vacation.


What to do

Another guideline that it is important to follow when traveling with teens is not to plan packed itineraries every day. Teenagers love to do nothing, they have the need to be lazy and just stay in or go with the flow over the day. So, even though you would love to do every single full-day tour on our booklet, our advice is to leave some days to unwind.

For the days out and full of activities, we recommend you to go with the adventure options. Here some selections that will challenge them and make them look cool on their Snapchat:

1. Surfing Lessons

Surf Lessons traveling with teens costa rica

Surf lessons are a great experience for teens and the whole family. It is extremely safe too!

2. Stand-Up Paddle

Paddle Board traveling with teens Costa Rica

Paddle-boarding is a great way to experience the ocean and it is easier than it looks!

3. ATV with Snorkeling

ATV tour traveling with teens Costa Rica

The ATVs tour is a teenager’s favorite. The minimum age for driving is 16 yrs to guarantee their safety.

4. Zip-lining, canyoning and Tarzan swing

Zip line traveling with teens Costa Rica

Zipline is a must in Costa Rica and a day full of adrenaline is perfect for teenagers.



If you are interested in these activities or if you want to stay with us, we will be glad to help you plan the best vacation for your family. Traveling with teens can also be such a rewarding experience and a time to build your relationship with them. Creating life-lasting memories is priceless.

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