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One of the major attractions of Costa Rica is the beauty of its beaches.  Costa Rica has been blessed with more than 745 miles of coastline, of which the great majority is located on the Pacific.  Thanks to this extensive number of beaches it is possible to visit a great number of them in just one visit to the country. And, today we want to invite you to visit these 3 beaches in a day as they are among our favorite ones.


Conchal Beach


As our amazing Vacation Rental Condos are located within Reserva Conchal, one of the most exclusive gated communities in Costa Rica, naturally our first suggestion is Conchal Beach.


Start our 3 beaches in a day itinerary winding out at this white-sanded beach.  Conchal receives its name after its “sand” that it is actually powdered shells.  Conchal comes from the word Concha that in Spanish means shell.


Our suggestion is to start the day having breakfast at your condo or enjoying the traditional and delicious “Gallo Pinto” at the Beach Club´s restaurant.  After delighting with Costa Rican gastronomy, and just steps from the restaurant, Conchal Beach awaits you.

3 beaches in a day costa rica - conchal beach

Conchal Beach. Image courtesy of Reserva Conchal.

A long walk through the beach will make you feel invigorated.  Feel the little shells on your toes and explore to find larger shells.  Please remember to return them at the end of your walk, as they are a vital part of our ecosystem.


Experience the crystal-clear waters of Conchal kayaking or Paddling. Remember that with the rent of your condo you have free access to this equipment at the Beach Club.


Grande Beach


Grande means large in Spanish, so making merit to its name this beach is a white-sanded beach of a little more than 2.2 miles. It is part of the Las Baulas National Marine Park and home to the Leatherback turtles during the nesting and hatching season.


The second-stop of our 3 beaches in a day itinerary makes the perfect destination for some adventure after a relaxing morning in Conchal.  Grande is well-known as one of the best surfing spots in Costa Rica.  But the good news is that it is a great place for learning but also for experienced surfers.

Grande beach 3 beaches in a day

Grande Beach. Image courtesy of Dronestagram

Our recommendation would be booking a Surfing Lesson through our concierge or look for a certified Surf Camp once you arrive to the town in Grande.


After riding some waves, you will get hungry.  The town of Grande offers great options of restaurants with a great array of type of foods, from American to bistros, cafés, Italian and more.


Minas Beach


Stop number three of our 3 beaches in a day program is Playa Minas. This secluded beach rounds up a perfect day of sun and vitamin sea.


After some adventure, we invite you to relax in a more “local” beach that is almost virgin.  Out of the three beaches we recommend you today, Minas is the most private one. However, this also means that you will not find any type of services around, so be sure to have your lunch at Grande and not wait until getting to Minas as you will not find any restaurants in the area.

Minas Beach 3 beaches in a day costa rica

Minas Beach. Image courtesy of

With almost no one around, you will be enjoying a turquoise colored water beach and a calm ocean with almost no waves.


History says that this beach was called Minas meaning mines, due to the extraction of manganese in the surrounding areas that were made during the first world war with the purpose of building weapons of war.  Nowadays, far from mineral extraction, this beach is the perfect place for relaxing and enjoying beautiful sunsets.



For enjoying our 3 beaches in a day agenda we recommend you renting a car or hiring a private transportation service through our concierge, as public transportation will not be available.  Also, please be sure to follow this advice:


  • Guanacaste weather is really hot all year long, so it is important to keep yourself properly hydrated
  • Always use sunblock protection and a UV sun hats
  • Be sure to wear your bathing suit
  • If you will be driving, we recommend you using the Waze app to get from one beach to the other. If you will not have access to the internet during your visit, ask our concierge, she will be happy to help you
  • As in any other destination in the world, never leave valuables in the car.


If you are planning to visit Costa Rica, stay with us at our luxurious vacation rentals and our concierge will be happy to help you plan this great itinerary or any other experiences during your trip.  Contact us now to check our availability.