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It is never too early to start planning your next vacation, especially if you are thinking in taking some holidays during a busy season. If you are looking for some ideas let us tell you 5 reasons you should visit Costa Rica. We know you will be counting the days until you arrive at our paradisiac country.


  1. The size


Costa Rica is a small country of just 19,730 sq. miles. To be easier to understand, Costa Rica is slightly smaller than West Virginia, 2 times smaller than New York or 13 times smaller than Texas. So, one of the reasons you should visit Costa Rica is you can get to know many places in a relatively short time.


It is said that you could see the sunrise in the Caribbean Coast and the sunset in the Pacific Coast.  It takes just 8 hours to get from the border with Nicaragua to the border of Panama.

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But the true reason lies in the possibility of experiencing so many different ecosystems.  Costa Rica is so biodiverse that it has 12 different life zones (Holdridge). You could experience the dry forest, the rainforest and the cloud forest within a day.


So, no matter where in Costa Rica you will be staying, it is probable that you will have the opportunity to experience so many different things in short distances.


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  1. The weather


Thanks to a privileged location close to the Equator, Costa Rica has a warm climate throughout the year.  No matter if you decide to visit us in December or during June, the weather will vary only just a few degrees. The amazing weather is one of the reasons you should visit Costa Rica soon, especially if you want to escape the cold during the Holidays.


Costa Rica presents only two “seasons”.  The dry or golden season goes from December to April, and the rainy or green season from May to November.  But please don´t get scared by the word rain.  Usually, you will get sunny mornings and showers during the late afternoon.  And the green season is great to visit due to the great offer and deals you can find in hotels, tours and flight fares.


For detailed information about the different seasons and weather visit our blog post: Weather in Costa Rica


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  1. The Pura Vida


The country´s motto Pura Vida reflects the lifestyle of Costa Ricans.  Ticos, as we called ourselves, are warm and hospitable people.  One of the main things you will enjoy while traveling our beautiful country is the authentic smile of its people.


No matter where you go, you will be energized by the Pura Vida.  A way of seeing life, where the small things are appreciated, and happiness is found in family, friends and quality time.


Costa Rica has been ranked several times as the happiest country in the world, and also holds a place in the exclusive list of blue zones in the world.  These indexes are just a reflection of a culture of hospitality, joy for life, friendliness and a healthy lifestyle.  So its people and its contagious happiness is another of the reasons you should visit Costa Rica.

Pura Vida reasons why you should visit Costa Rica

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  1. The natural wonders


If you enjoy nature, Costa Rica is your place. With more than 20% of its territory protected, Costa Rica is full of natural treasures:


  • More than 200 volcanoes of which 4 are active
  • 745 miles of coastline, with more than 300 beaches
  • 5% of the world´s biodiversity
  • More than half a million species
  • Home to 4 world heritage sites


Regardless if your perfect plan is to unwind in a secluded beach, or hike in the slopes of a volcano, or spot a slot, or fly through the forest canopy in a zip-line, Costa Rica has it all!


  1. The wide offer


As you can imagine by now, Costa Rica is a world-known touristic destination. Therefore, the wide offer of services for tourists is one of the reasons you should visit Costa Rica.


You can find a great variety of flight options.  From the US, a great number of major cities have direct flights to SJO or LIR airports.  And, as Costa Rica is a popular destination, the airfares are relatively low, with more and more offers every year.

Ocean View reasons why you should visit Costa Rica

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When it comes to places to stay, Costa Rica has an option for everyone.  If you are looking for high-end accommodations, our Vacation Rentals with amazing views of the ocean and golf course are one of the best options.

If you are looking for activities and things to do, we guarantee you will find plenty of options.  Our concierge can help you with recommendations and options according to the experience you are looking to have.


Costa Rica is also a convenient place to visit when thinking about small details such as language, currency and payment options. Dollars are generally accepted, especially in touristic areas such as Guanacaste. However, we always recommend having some change in Colones just in case.  Credit cards are also well accepted, so please do not bring large amounts of cash, as it is an unnecessary risk.  English is widely spoken around the country, so most likely you will always find someone who can guide you.


We hope that our 5 reasons you should visit Costa Rica have made you start planning your next vacations.  We invite you to check our blog posts to learn more about our beautiful country and learn many more reasons for visiting Costa Rica.