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Packing can be challenging, especially if it is the first time you are visiting a destination. But, if you are planning to visit our Pura Vida country stay with us. We bring you our full guide of packing for Costa Rica.


Prepare ahead for packing for Costa Rica


There are other things to take into account when packing for Costa Rica. Currency exchange, voltage converters or what toys bring for your family are regular questions.  Here some general helpful information:


  • Costa Rican currency is Colones.
  • Dollars are widely accepted however we recommend you having small bills with you. $100 bills are not always accepted, and even if someone does accept the bill, you will get the change in Colones and the exchange rate will not be as good as if you go to the bank.
  • If you are not using roaming in your phone, we recommend you visiting your local provider and asking if buying a SIM card in Costa Rica will work for you. Sometimes the phones need to be unblocked in order to work with foreign SIM cards
  • Please remember that in the grocery store you will not always find the same brands as in your hometown. There are grocery stores all over the country and most likely you will find what you need, but not always your preferred brand. If you are planning to stay in one of our amazing vacation rentals, we can help you restocking your condo before your arrival.  Or, let us know what you will need, and we will recommend where to go to find it.
  • The standard voltage in Costa Rica is 120V, same as in the US and Canada, so you won’t need an adapter if you are visiting from North America. If you are European, you will definitely need a voltage adapter.
  • Weather in Costa Rica is warm all year long, especially if you are planning to visit the coasts. We only have two seasons:
    • The dry season from December to April
    • The rainy season from May to November
    • This applies to the majority of the national territory except for the Caribbean coast.  For more details, you can visit our dedicated blog post for this matter: Weather in Costa Rica
  • If you are visiting with your family, and your kids only talk about the beautiful sand castles they will build, don´t freak out thinking in how to pack all the buckets and little shovels. Most touristic areas have grocery stores or souvenir shops where to find this type of toys. However, we recommend you packing just their favorites and try to plan lots of outdoor activities that will keep them entertained.  Our concierge will be happy to give you some ideas.

Can I pay with my credit card in Costa Rica?

Packing for Costa Rica, the basics


  • What should I pack to visit Costa RicaDaily: Comfortable beach clothing like: shorts, tank tops and flip-flops. Dry-fast clothing is recommended.
  • Evenings: Resort Casual outfits
  • For tours, especially if you are visiting the rainforest we advice to use comfortable hiking shoes, long pants and bring a light rain jacket.
  • Bathing suits and pants
  • Sun protection: Sunscreen, hat and sunglasses
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Toiletries: Your accommodation option will probably provide small soap bars, but we recommend you bring your personal choices of: Shampoo/conditioner, Body Lotion, specialized cosmetic soaps., toothbrush, toothpaste, razors, etc.
  • Do not forget to include any medications you may need.
  • For environmental reasons, we encourage our guests to bring an insulated water bottle to reduce the use of plastic. Or, you can always buy a Costa Rica bottle in a souvenir shop and support our local economy.
  • Be sure to pack all chargers or your electronics
  • Always ask the concierge or contact of the accommodation option you have chosen for any other special things you would need. Within a country, there are different destinations with different activities you could enjoy and different conditions.


Our most important tip for packing for Costa Rica is to bring your suitcase full of curiosity and try to feel like a kid discovering new things, this will allow enjoying all the different things that make us different from you but also unique.


We hope this guide helps you enjoy your trip to our small but diverse country.  Do not forget to visit our other blog entries and our amazing options for you to stay and enjoy one of the most beautiful destinations within Costa Rica.