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Volcanoes have shaped our planet since the beginning of times and have fascinated human beings all along.  Costa Rica has been blessed with magnificent volcanoes you should visit during your next vacation. Stay with us and we tell you 5 reasons you should visit a volcano in Costa Rica.

Mysterious, powerful, spectacular and imposing, are just some of the adjectives that could come into your mind when you think of a volcano. If you are a person who enjoys nature, probably Costa Rica is already on your Bucket List.  But, sometimes make up your mind about choosing between just lay down on a beach or go hike on the slopes of a volcano can be difficult. We understand it could be difficult to enjoy your piña colada and relax while hiking through the rainforest. But, we guarantee you will also enjoy your time if you go with the volcano option and here it is why….

1-Visit a volcano in Costa Rica is easy

Costa Rica is crossed from northwest to southeast by three volcanic mountain ranges. This means that no matter where your destination would be, you will always have a volcano nearby to visit or within a relatively short distance away.


Visit a volcano in Costa Rica Volcano map

Courtesy of smcr01.blogspot

It is said that there are more than 200 volcanic structures in our national territory. Some have been discovered recently and probably others will arise in the future. Within this large number, we can talk about 20 major volcanoes due to their size and shape. And, within these, 5 volcanoes have had eruptions in the last two centuries:  Rincon de la Vieja, Arenal, Poas, Irazu and  Turrialba.

At this moment, the active volcanoes are Rincon de la Vieja, Poas and Turrialba.


2- Visit a volcano in Costa Rica is safe

Main volcanoes in Costa Rica are protected, this means that its surrounded areas are National Parks covered with forests and not neighborhoods that can be affected in cases of eruptions.

The volcanoes in Costa Rica are strictly monitored by a network of scientists and geologists.  The institutions responsible for its study and monitoring are the national seismological network (RSN), the geology school of the University of Costa Rica, the seismological and volcanological observatory of Costa Rica (OVSICORI), the National University and the seismological and volcanological observatory of Arenal and Miravalles (OSIVAM).

The authorities have the capacity of closing the National Parks in case of a volcanic activity that could put at risk the lives or health of visitors.  This means that if you are allowed to visit the volcano you will be safe.

Image by

3- Visit a volcano in Costa Rica is memorable

The obvious reasons are not the only ones why visit a volcano in Costa Rica is memorable.  The fact that a visit to one of this colossus also includes the visit to a National Park full of wildlife, amazing forests and unforgettable sights is part of the extraordinary experience too.

A packed itinerary full of adventurous activities like zip lining, hiking, aerial trams, hanging bridges can also be part of your memories.  Or if you feel more attracted to a relaxing day, taking mud baths and jumping into the spring water natural pools is an option too.  Which brings us to our next point…

Rincón de la Vieja. Image by Pucci

4- Visit a volcano in Costa Rica is healthy

We have all heard that contact with nature is good for our health. Leaving aside the obvious benefit of breathing fresh air, more and more studies show the benefits of being surrounded by nature. Writer Richard Louw introduced the term ‘natural deficit disorder’ and more formal scientific studies have shown the effects of nature on mental health and even how it helps fight chronic diseases such as diabetes.

In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, a visit to a volcano allows you to enjoy the healing powers of the volcanic mud and the hot springs.  Volcanic mud has several health benefits that include:

  • Natural antiseptic, cell regenerator and purifier
  • Its negative energy counteracts the effects of our constant contact with electronic devices
  • Improves the appearance of the skin by oxygenating the skin, it has an anti-aging effect and eliminates spots and blemishes
  • It is a natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic

Bathing in hot springs it´s considered by some cultures as a therapy, it is even called Balneology. The high concentrations of minerals of these waters make them healing. Some of the benefits are:

  • Improves blood circulation and lower blood pressure
  • Aid with swollen joints, arthritis, muscle fatigue, ligament damage and other musculoskeletal problems
  • Treat skin infections and inflammations
  • Helps with respiratory problems
  • Reduces stress
visit a volcano in Costa Rica hotsprings

Hotsprings in Borinquen, Rincon de la Vieja


*Please consider this is not a medical recommendation If you are pregnant, suffer from a chronic disease or are using prescription drugs you should consult with a physician before bathing in hot springs or using volcanic muds.

5- Visit a volcano in Costa Rica helps the rural communities

Tourism is without a doubt the most important economic activity in Costa Rica.  The visit of tourists can be an important social and economic boost for small communities.  The productive linkage that takes place in the vicinities of a volcano due to the touristic activity can improve the lives of hundreds or thousands of Ticos. Restaurants, guides, artisans, farmers, artists, accommodation, tours, transportation and many other services depend on the visitation of people like you.


We hope that visiting a volcano becomes one of the highlights of your next holidays in Costa Rica.  Stay with us and our concierge will be happy to book for you a memorable visit to one of our stunning volcanoes.   Don´t forget to share with us your experiences.