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A Costa Rica vacation rental is a great option for accommodation when visiting our beautiful country. If you have not tried this alternative before and are feeling undecided our blog today will definitely help you take the right decision.


Traveling is exciting, but to achieve feeling amazed by a destination, comfort is key. Let’s be honest, you won´t find a paradisiac beach so lovely and peaceful if you didn´t have a good night sleep or if the place you are staying in doesn´t have all the amenities you need to be comfy.


When staying in one of our Costa Rica vacation rental home you will feel so comfortable that you will want to stay forever. So today we bring you 5 of the many amenities you will enjoy in your next vacation when staying with My Guanacaste Vacation.


Costa Rica vacation rental home

Ocean View Costa Rica vacation rental

Costa Rica is a well-known touristic destination.  This means that in every corner of the country you will find different accommodation options that go from basic B&Bs to exclusive giant mansions.  So, it is important to be sure that the option you are considering will offer you the experience and the amenities you need to feel comfortable.


If you are looking for a Costa Rica vacation rental home with a great location and tons of amazing amenities stay with us and learn more about all we have to offer you.



Amenities and perks


  1. Air Conditioning

Costa Rica, especially touristic areas like Guanacaste can get very hot during the day and stay warm at night.  So, if you want to be comfortable and have a good night sleep, AC is a must.


All our Costa Rica vacation rental homes have central AC units that will allow you to unwind during the day and rest at night.


  1. Cable TV and Wi-fi

When vacationing, the ideal mental image is to enjoy outdoor activities all day long and fun nights out, however the reality is nowadays wi-fi can be as important as drinking water.  More than 95% of vacationers


Either if you need to check your emails or just upload your best pics of the day on Instagram, stay connected is one of the most important amenities you will need during your vacations.

Costa Rica Vacation Rental Living Room

Carao T3-1

  1. Washer & dryer

With the high rates airlines charge nowadays for the luggage, having a washer & dryer at your disposal is an important amenity. This becomes even more significant when traveling with kids as they need to get change several times a day and packing can get out of control.


  1. Beach Club Access

Beaches are public in Costa Rica, this means that most of them do not have any services available on site.  So, if enjoying the beach means also for you being able to lay down in a nice sun lounge while drinking a refreshing cocktail, you definitely will enjoy staying with us!


All our luxurious condos and villas have full access to an impressive 60,000 sq. ft. Beach Club with swimming pool and pavilion, fitness center, restaurant and a spa.

Beach Club Costa Rica Vacation Rental

Beach Club

  1. Internal transportation

When staying in our resort location, enjoying access to one of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica, a professional 18-hole Golf Course and an amazing beach club, could mean not having the need of going anywhere else.  If you just want to relax and enjoy all of these astounding perks an internal shuttle is all you need to go from one place to another.


This great amenity could mean great savings! Without it, you would actually have to spend on renting a car or paying shuttles or cabs to take you from one place to another in different places near your accommodation.


Check our great options for Costa Rica vacation rental homes, you would not only enjoy the above-mentioned amenities but also our full-concierge service and our more than 10 years of expertise and happy guests.


Contact us now to book your Costa Rica vacation rental home.