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When it comes to Costa Rican real estate, it’s relatively hard to have everything you want. You sometimes find yourself in the need to decide what things you are willing to give up and which things may be completely “must have´s”.  Although this is true for most places in the world, its perhaps a bit more challenging here as some things you need to weight are things that you would perhaps take for granted in a more developed country.


Costa Rican Real Estate

Costa Rican Real Estate ocean view

Costa Rica is perhaps the place where your list of tradeoffs is longer and tougher.  There are many variables that come into play, say for example infrastructure.  This is a country where the services are not necessarily guaranteed.  An amazing ocean view with privacy many times means going up a steep gravel road that receives Little to no maintenance.  Oceanfront could mean you will have a concession rather than a fully titled property.  Conveniently located could very well mean you will have more hustle and bustle than you were hoping for….this are some examples of common tradeoffs when thinking of real estate in Costa Rica.


Sure, this is easy to notice, so where is the catch?  Well, many times there are hidden tradeoffs that require further market understanding.  For example, most of the areas throughout the country lack zoning laws so it may be harder to visualize what and where is a comparable area to the one you are considering so that you can try to envision your surroundings years down the road.


Also, the fact that this may be a different culture for you, it also means that a great deal of understanding of the idiosyncrasy is required.  There are many things that may be customary here, particularly in rural areas, that could cause for cultural shocks.  Having someone to guide you so that reality can meet expectation is crucial.  It is very necessary to have proper representation so that you can make the right decisions for YOUR objective to be successful.

Ocean View from Terrace

Ocean View from Terrace at Malinche 26A

Here lies the importance of having proper representation.


Having been in the market for over 14 years, obtaining a Master of Science in International Real Estate, being Costa Rican, fully bilingual and bicultural gives me the ability to help you achieve your objective avoiding unpleasant surprises.  I look forward for you to let me help you!