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Everyone has heard about ecotourism. It is actually a term usually related to Costa Rica. But have you experienced or tried Costa Rica rural tourism? Today we will talk about this great form of knowing our country and the great people from our communities.


How to experience Costa Rica Rural Tourism?


Experiencing Costa Rica Rural Tourism is getting to know the authentic Costa Rica and its people. When you visit one of our rural areas you will not only collect pictures of beautiful landscapes but also stories.  Getting to know a country should mean a comprehensive experience with culture, food, people and nature.


If you are staying in one of our breathtaking properties our concierge will be happy to suggest you some amazing Costa Rica Rural Tourism experiences that include:

costa rica rural tourism local farm

Kiwand Maji Farm

  • Visit a private natural reserve nestled in the slopes of the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano, where you could enjoy not only the lush rainforest but also a working farm. Visit 4 different Waterfalls with its impressive beauty and cascades. Refresh “dipping” into the lovely blue springs waters coming from the volcano, settled in the heart of a majestic tropical jungle. Enjoy a Costa Rican style lunch at a cozy restaurant next to a magical blue lake where you can also enjoy relaxing kayak rides. And spend some time at the farm with goats, sheep, horses, donkeys, pigs, chickens, turkeys, ducks and a milking station with a cheese factory where you can learn how to milk cows and taste fresh artisan cheese with combinations of herbs and spices.


  • Visit a National Park considered a bird sanctuary and get to know an ancient artisan tradition in the town of Guaitil. Palo Verde National Park is the most important nesting, reproduction and feeding site for either resident or migratory birds in Costa Rica. Enjoy a boat ride along the longest river on the northwest side of the country and discover a high diversity of wildlife in this Conservation Park watching monkeys, iguanas and crocodiles. After lunch you will visit Guaitil, near Santa Cruz city, which is the only town in Costa Rica where indigenous pottery is still made, using the same methods and materials used thousands of years ago.
Hacienda Guachipelin Costa Rica rural tourism

Hacienda Guachipelín

  • Have an amazing adventure day in a family-owned Hacienda. Soar over the jungle on wings of freedom over the Canyon of Blanco River as adrenaline runs all over your body while you safely experience the zip lines adventure including rappelling, rock climbing and Tarzan swing.  Your expedition will continue riding horses for 25 minutes to an inspiring waterfall nestled in the middle of the jungle surrounding the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano.  After lunch, relax at the Guachipelin spa as you wrap yourself with volcanic mud purifying your body in the thermal volcanic waters from the volcano.



What is Rural Tourism?


The concept of Rural Tourism started in Europe as a development policy in the postwar scenario during the 80´s.   It was a form of giving a second income to families which main business was agriculture but were having difficult times.


Some specialists say that the Latin American version of the European Rural Tourism was ecotourism in its beginning. However, both terms have evolved over time.


Nowadays in Costa Rica, we talk about sustainable tourism, and rural community tourism, as a way of emphasizing the integral participation of communities in this service to visitors.


Costa Rica Rural Tourism has focused on developing unique experiences that are integrated into a rural environment and at the same time are a reflection of it. These experiences are developed and offered by small and medium companies whose owners are the same inhabitants of the area. In addition, they make a sustainable use of the same resources and tourist attractions that are promoted.


How did the Costa Rica Rural Tourism start?

Guaitil costa rica rural torusim by Dicover the World

Guaitil- Willy´s Pottery. Image courtesy of Discover the World

The world changes and with it the kind of tourism that people seek. Some time ago the visitors only looked for the traditional sun and beach vacation in our country, while little by little the tourist has been demanding a tourism focused on authentic experiences. More and more visitors to our country want to make visits to native peoples, know how they live, what they eat, their environment and their cultural wealth.


As in many countries where rural tourism has emerged as an alternative economic activity, the erosion of agricultural and fishing activities has been a decisive factor in seeking other options. Especially in a country like Costa Rica, looking for more sustainable options that relieved pressure on natural resources was vital to ensure a prosperous economic and social future.


Costa Rica Rural tourism emerged as a response to these issues, coupled with an important support from non-governmental organizations and international cooperation agencies, which saw in this type of tourism an answer for a sustainable future and socio-economic development of the country.


Looking for Costa Rica rural tourism will not only make your next holiday a unique one, but you will also help a rural community to grow.  Contact us to book your next vacation or share with us your experiences with community rural tourism.