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Getting outside your comfort zone can be extremely difficult but also incredibly rewarding. Traveling without the ease of having your family or friends right beside you could be an amazing experience in unexpected ways.  Today we tell you all you need to know about how to have the perfect Costa Rica solo vacation.


Solo traveling challenges & rewards

Every new experience means naturally feeling some level of resistance.  Fear and anxiety can be part of doing something unknown.  However, in life feeling always safe and unchallenged is a way of feeling frustrated and stuck at the same time.


When deciding to solo travel in Costa Rica or anywhere in the world you may encounter some challenges:

  • If you are a chatty person, like me, you will feel the need to talk about every single thing that happens during the day, and sometimes you will not find someone to talk to or that is interested in small talking. However, having the necessity to think more over talk will make you a more reflexive person and start listening to yourself can be an impressive way to understand you better.  It also will allow you to listen better and become more observant.
  • A common challenge when traveling solo is taking the perfect pictures unless you think selfies are all you need. However, you get surprised about how willing people are to help you take a picture or two.  Also, it is a great way to start a conversation and make new friends.
  • Having just two hands. It may seem obvious but carrying around heavy luggage and having to fill out a form at the same time, will remind you that at the end it was not that obvious.  So, pack smart and travel smart, and the end, it will help you save some bucks especially now that airlines charge for everything!
  • Thinking about traveling alone can also trigger your safety alarms, especially if you are a woman. However, there are many ways to minimize any risk that we will mention below.
  • And last, the most common challenge and the obvious one is to feel lonely. We will not lie to you, yes it happens. However, it will not be as bad as you think, and it moves you to try to meet new people. You will get back home with a bunch of new friends, a new perspective of other cultures and amazing stories.

costa rica solo vacation beach


Why is Costa Rica a good choice for solo traveling?


Costa Rica solo vacation can be an amazing experience, not only because of its amazing destinations but also due to a wide variety of reasons:


  • Costa Rica´s main economic industry is tourism. This has a huge impact in the everyday life of Ticos, including their language.  No matter where you go, most certainly you will find someone who speaks English. So, if a language barrier worries you, especially if you are traveling alone, Costa Rica is the place to visit!
  • As we mentioned before, Costa Rica is widely visited by tourists throughout the year, making it easier to find other travelers like you who just want to make new friends and have a great time during their holidays.  Also, being a nature´s destination, Costa Rica is the perfect place for reflexing, enjoying quiet moments and reconnecting with your inner self.
  • There are plenty of things to do! A Costa Rica solo vacation is easy when planning your activities because from a nice hiking through the rainforest to laying all day ay the beach does not require a companion.

costa rica solo vacation surf


Costa Rica solo vacation safety


When choosing a destination for traveling alone, safety is one of the most important considerations, and a Costa Rica solo vacation can be one of the best options.  Being such a touristic destination, allows you to visit resort destinations, find a wide variety of options for transportation and so many activities that are always guided.


A resort destination like ours, where you can stay at an amazing vacation rental with amazing ocean and golf course views with 24/7 security is all you need to relax and enjoy your Costa Rica solo vacation.  At the same place, you can enjoy beach, golf, top facilities like an amazing beach club and outdoor activities.  And, if you feel like exploring the outside, our concierge is more than happy to book everything for you.


Costa Rica is a safe destination to visit and regular safety precautions are the ones you need to follow.  The same ones you will need to be safe anywhere or even at home, like: not traveling with great amounts of cash, not leaving all your valuables inside a car at the beach or leaving the doors of your accommodation open while you are out.



From every single aspect, a Costa Rica solo vacation can be an amazing experience!  Contact us and we will be happy to help you with your accommodation and all the planning for your next adventure.