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Extreme cold temperatures have been affecting major cities in the US this week. Millions of Americans are experiencing historical drops in the thermometer making naturally looking for a warm-weather getaway to escape winter.  Stay with us and learn why Costa Rica is your best option.


Why escape Winter?

Escape winter to a warm-weather place

In addition to the obvious reasons, such as the simple fact of always feeling cold, how uncomfortable it is to carry coats, hats, gloves and everything else to keep you warm, and how annoying it is to remove snow from the entrance of the house; there are scientifically proven effects of winter that affect you negatively.

Escape winter can be good for your health, physically and mentally.  Some of the proven effects winter has on our bodies include:

  • If you suffer from any kind of arthritis you definitely will need to escape to a warm-weather destination like Costa Rica. A rise in the barometric pressure can aggravate arthritis symptoms and other joint and spine issues.
  • There are many studies that found a clear seasonal trend of cardiovascular diseases, with the highest incidence occurring during winter.
  • Allergies also increase due to the need to remain in closed spaces in which allergens such as pet dander or mildew tend to be.
  • Your eyes and skin dry out
  • Your sleep cycle can be altered due to the lack of light.
  • People who suffer from diabetes need to pay special attention as glucose levels are not well control by the body at low temperatures.
  • You may suffer from SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder. A type of depression that is real and need to be checked by a doctor if severe.

Now that you know how important is to escape from winter, where you should go? Well, some days at our amazing vacation rentals will do magic for you, and here we tell you why…


Why is Costa Rica the perfect warm-weather getaway to escape winter?

The weather


No matter where you go in Costa Rica, nice warm weather will welcome you.  No matter if it is the Pacific, the Atlantic, the beach or the mountain, even the city is warm.

Costa Rica´s average temperature during the year varies only 40 Fahrenheit degrees, being March the hottest month and August the “coldest” one.  From November to April, the great majority of the country enjoys a dry season or “summer” and from May to October, the rainy season brings showers in the afternoons, but the weather stays warm.

Our country is perfect to escape Winter, as during this time of the year Costa Rica enjoys sunny days but with a nice breeze, amazing to enjoy the beach or a nice nature hike in the mountain.


The people

Image courtesy of El Club de la Gente Feliz


Costa Rica is not only warm due to the weather; its people will welcome you with an authentic smile and open arms.  “Ticos” and “Ticas”, as we like to call ourselves, are hospital people.  So much so that Costa Rica was ranked 6 in the Top 10 list of the most welcoming countries in the World.

According to InterNations, Costa Rica ranks first when it comes to making friends. The study also highlights that from all expats who participated in the study, 48% intend to stay forever, in comparison to 29% globally.

Our “Pura Vida” motto is lived by the Costa Ricans truly. So, it is no coincidence that Costa Rica has also been ranked several times as the happiest countries in the world. So, if the SAD syndrome is affecting you, definitely the best getaway to escape winter is Costa Rica.


The places & activities

The perfect winter escape has to be fun and Costa Rica is all about activities and places to visit. From flying through the tree canopy, hiking the slopes of a volcano, taking surfing classes, to cruising the calm water of the Pacific in a sunset tour.

Stay in one of our ocean and golf view vacation rental properties and our concierge will be happy to help you plan all the activities to have the perfect getaway.


Only 3 months are left until the temperature drops and the cold starts to be felt. Now is the ideal time to start planning that trip to escape winter. Contact us and we will help you with all your questions, find the perfect place to stay among all our breathtaking vacation rental properties and avoid all the negative effects of the freezing cold.