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Relax in a paradisiac beach after all the hassle and stress a wedding can bring.  Costa Rica is the perfect Honeymoon destination and here we tell you all you need to know to spice up that holiday you will remember for the rest of your lives.


Why is Costa Rica the perfect Honeymoon destination?

There are several reasons why Costa Rica is the perfect honeymoon destination:

  • Flights: You can find short and easy flights from all major US and Canada cities.  The last thing you want to do is to spend the first night of your life together laying over at the airport or among hundreds of strangers in an endless flight.


  • Uncrowded: Even during high or peak season, Costa Rica never gets as crowded as many other touristic destinations in the Caribbean and Latin America. If you are an explorer we even guarantee you, you will find at least one secluded beach with almost no one to share it with.  At the perfect Honeymoon destination, you should be able to walk on the beach without stepping on someone else, right?


  • Lot of things to do: One of the most difficult things when looking for the perfect Honeymoon destination is finding common ground on the activities you and your “better half” want to enjoy. If the destination has a great variety of options, it will be easier for both of you to compromise and really enjoy your honeymoon.


  • A culture of service: Costa Ricans or “Ticos” are “Pura Vida”. This means that the culture of service runs through our veins.  When welcoming tourists, Ticos enjoy making them feel at home and pampered. Imagine when we find out you are on your honeymoon!


  • Small country: Costa Rica is almost the size of Lake Michigan. With just 19,400 square miles, is easy to think that you don´t need to stay a long period to really get to know our country and at the same time have the best memories to start your new life.


  • Hassle-free: Small things make the difference, and during the most important trip of your lives it is even more important. Costa Rica is a country that lives from tourism, so many of our systems are suited to make the life of tourists easier.  For instance, US Dollars are widely accepted all over the country and Credit Cards too.  Also, English is extensively spoken so the language barrier will not have to worry you.


What to do during the perfect Honeymoon?


Now that you found  out why Costa Rica is the perfect honeymoon destination, here is a list of all the activities you could enjoy with your loved one:

  • Unwind all day at the beach

Costa Rica has more than 300 beaches in 800 miles of coastline. Beautiful and almost untouched beaches of all sizes and colors can be enjoyed in our little piece of heaven. Conchal Beach. Image courtesy of Reserva Conchal.

  • Take a sunset boat trip
Costa Rica Perfect Honeymoon - Sunset Boat Trip

Image courtesy of Manta Ray.

  • Fly through the tree canopies

Image courtesy of Diamante Eco Paek

  • Learn how to surf

Image courtesy of Arenas

  • Visit a magnificent volcano

Arenal Volcano

  • Take a cultural tour
Guaitil costa rica rural torusim by Dicover the World

Guaitil- Willy´s Pottery. Image courtesy of Discover the World

  • Spend the day at the spa

Heavenly Spa at Reserva Conchal. Image courtesy of Reserva Conchal.

  • Go out for a drink
Perfect Honeymoon nightlife

Located within a 20-minute drive from your Vacation Rental with My Guanacaste Vacation, Tamarindo town offers a vibrant nightlife. Image courtesy of Tamarindo Vida.


Where to stay for a perfect Honeymoon in Costa Rica?


What could be better than staying in a luxurious condominium or villa with extensive views of the Pacific Ocean during the honeymoon? Our Vacation Rental properties are the ideal accommodation for the perfect honeymoon.


If you have not considered this option pay attention! The privacy you are looking for during your honeymoon can only be found in a vacation rental property.  Also, our concierge will be glad to help you plan a personalized itinerary according to your desires.


Staying in a vacation rental property can give you a better chance not to feel uncomfortable spending those first nights and days together.  Hotel rooms usually will not help you keep that “mystery” you need to have a proper romantic stay.


From a breeze one-bedroom condo to a magnificent villa with incomparable views, My Guanacaste Vacation has something for you.  Contact us now and let us find not only the best option for you but also plan the perfect honeymoon.