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Breakfast can be controversial, for some it is mandatory and their fuel for the day, for others it can be easily skipped.  If you are one of my kind, and breakfast is your favorite meal of the day, stay here as we bring you the best breakfast restaurants in Guanacaste.


Why having breakfast?

I have met many people who self-classify as a no-breakfast person.  And although you should always respect the decisions of others and how they live their lives, it is important to know that breakfast has been scientifically classified as the most important meal of the day.

There is an old saying that goes Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper which it is actually really accurate if you want to be healthy.

The reason why breakfast is important is that after the overnight fasting period, your body needs to replenish your stores of glucose, that is the fuel for your body. So, breakfast boosts not only your energy levels for the day but also your metabolism.  And, breakfast is delicious too! Especially if you go to the best breakfast restaurants in Guanacaste.


Breakfast in Costa Rica

Costa Rica was proudly built by peasants. These simple people used to go to work at 5 am to take advantage of the first rays of light, since electricity did not exist. His work was very physical, so the first meal had to give them strength until the next meal that was done until midmorning. This is why breakfast in Costa Rica is plentiful, rich in protein and carbohydrates and very healthy!

Costa Rican Food Gallo Pinto

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

A typical Costa Rican breakfast is made up of Gallo Pinto, eggs, fried cheese, fried plantain, corn tortilla, custard and a good cup of Costa Rican coffee.  Gallo Pinto is the most important traditional dish in Costa Rica. It is a mix of rice, beans, onion, pepper and spices.  Each Costa Rica region and even the families have their own variations of the recipe, but the essence remains. The Gallo Pinto, or Pinto is a great source of protein, and not really a carbo as everyone thinks. The amino acids of the rice are completed by the amino acids of the beans, making this dish the perfect protein to start the day. And, if you add a small portion of animal protein like cheese or an egg, helps your body to use more efficiently the iron and proteins of the Gallo Pinto.

So, if you are planning to visit our country and one of our suggestions for best breakfast restaurants in Guanacaste, remember to ask for a Typical breakfast and try Gallo Pinto, we know you will love it!


Best Breakfast restaurants in Guanacaste?

We will cover some of the most visited areas within Guanacaste, especially the area surrounding our amazing vacation rental condos, as we know we are your best option 😉


Reserva Conchal Beach Club:

Image courtesy of Reserva Conchal

There is actually no need to leave Reserva Conchal to enjoy a delicious breakfast while staying in one of our luxury vacation rental properties.

The Reserva Conchal Beach Club is not only a great place to relax while sunbathing or enjoying the extensive swimming pool, it is also one of the best breakfast restaurants in Guanacaste (lunch and dinner are great too!)

Its international cuisine restaurant, Catalina´s serve a great variety of breakfast options.  From fresh tropical fruits, to Gallo Pinto or all-time favorites like French toasts.



Surf Box:

Surf box Best restaurant Breakfast

Image courtesy of Surf Box

This little place located just within a 10-min drive from Reserva Conchal, is a great option if you want to explore the area.  A favorite of the local expat community, Surf Box offers healthy and delicious breakfast options.  Family-owned by a Canadian couple, this restaurant not only offers delicious food but also great service.  A colorful bowl of fresh fruits with Brazilian Açai, breakfast Montreal style bagels, Ricotta Pancakes and incredible smoothies are part of the breakfast options you can enjoy at Surf Box.




Noguis Tamarindo Best Breakfast Restaurants in Guanacaste

Image courtesy of Noguis Restaurant

This authentic local restaurant is full of history as it is one of the oldest businesses in town.  Opened in the early 70´s by Nogui Acosta, this place is not only one of the best breakfast restaurants in Guanacaste, but also an all-time favorite for locals and visitors for all meals, including having some cocktails right on the beach.

If you want to try one of the best Gallo Pinto´s, ask for the Super Tico.  The Rotonda Tica it is definitely a must.  Or, if you have a sweet tooth, the banana pancakes with macadamia are a finger-licking option.




Kaixo Best Breakfast Restaurants in Guanacaste

Image courtesy of Kaixo

If you feel like going further and visit other beaches and towns, Kaixo is our choice in Playas del Coco or Coco Beach.  This tiny and touristic town is located 40 miles north from Conchal.

Owned by a Spanish couple, this place is the perfect example of a personalized service.  Even though the menu is delicious in its entirety, one of my favorite things is to arrive and ask Sylvia what Carlos is preparing in the kitchen. Creativity is always present in their dishes.

Its menu is international, with great Spanish influence and many vegetarian options. Croque Justin, Victoria’s Secret and French toasts are my favorite options.



Posada Real Café:

Posada Real Best Breakfast Restaurants in Guanacaste

Image courtesy of Posada Real Café

This restaurant is located in Liberia, the most important town in Guanacaste in terms of services and home to the Daniel Oduber International Airport.

Located in one of the most picturesque streets of the province, Calle Real or Royal Street, this café delights with its menu and the beauty of its colonial architecture.  Its colorful and old floors of Spanish ceramics are combined perfectly with a counter of delights inspired by the local culture: pie of cas (Costa Rican guava), pineapple cupcakes or Torta Chilena, and all without gluten.

The chef or the owner of the café will personally ask you what you would like to have for breakfast. You will find international options such as omelets or French toast, but also unique options such as a breakfast sandwich with yucca bread.



Stay with us and your personal concierge will not only advice you regarding the best restaurant options, but it will help you plan your trip, so you can enjoy it to the fullest. Contact us and ask us