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The festivities are the time to share with our family, but it is also a time to share with the less fortunate. Today we bring you some ideas on how to help your neighbor during your next Costa Rica vacation.

Costa Rica Vacations Guanacaste

Help the environment during your Costa Rica vacation

Costa Rica has been blessed with a rich and exuberant biodiversity. About 4% of all the world’s biodiversity is concentrated in our small territory, which is smaller than Lake Michigan. Its impressive rainforests, as well as its fauna, are elements that have made Costa Rica famous throughout the world. If the enjoyment of this natural wealth is what attracted, and you will be enjoying your Costa Rica vacations soon, why not help and volunteer in the conservation of the environment?

More than 20% of our territory is protected.  The majority of our National Parks, as well as some private natural protected areas, offer volunteering programs.  The Association of Volunteers for Service in Protected Areas ASVO, have 3 different programs, of which two of them advocate for the conservation of sea turtles.

If you are planning to visit our beautiful province of Guanacaste and stay in one of our amazing vacation rental properties, the following NGO´s can help you give back during your Costa Rica vacation.


Surfrider Foundation

This well-known international foundation chose Costa Rica in 2006 as its first chapter in Central America.  Since then, Surfrider foundation has been working hard in the protection of the ocean and beaches.

Sea Turtles at Ostional

The Association of Local Guides of Ostional (AGLO) does an amazing job in the conservation of endangered sea turtles like the Redley turtle.

Ostional is one of the most important areas of Costa Rica for the sea turtles. The famous “arribadas” or massive arrival of turtles is one of a kind experience.

You can help Sea Turtles during your Costa Rica vacation donating time or money. If you want more information you can visit AGLO facebook

Turtles nesting in Ostional


Help the children during your Costa Rica vacation

If you are drawn to humanitarian causes, there are several NGO´s that would be happy to receive your time or monetary donation.  In Guanacaste, our favorite is:


Even though Guanacaste is a rich natural area, with miles of beautiful beaches, tropical forests and magnificent volcanoes, poverty also strikes its population.  Once a province dedicated to cattle and agriculture and now being tourism its primary economic activity, the social problems were aggravated by the lack of preparation of its population that did not manage to adapt quickly to the new job offers.

CEPIA is an association that seeks to improve the quality of life of children and teenagers and their families.  This NGO´s have performed an impressive work in the area since 2005 with a great area of projects like: after-school programs for children; nutritional, emotional and psychological support, entrepreneurs support, bilingual daycare, scholarships and more.

For more information, you can visit CREA website:


Other volunteering options can be found in:


Have an amazing Holiday season enjoying your Costa Rica vacation and helping others.  Contact us and our concierge can help you find the perfect cause for you.