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One of the most popular reasons to visit our small country is to experience the immensely rich rainforest. Today we bring you everything you need to know about this important habitat for the world.


The jewel of the planet

The humid tropical forests are located between 20 degrees north and 20 degrees south of the planet. Its importance for the planet and humanity is invaluable. Currently, this type of forest covers only 5% of the land surface, reducing by leaps and bounds due to the effect of man.


In this sparse territory, inhabits nearly 50% of all the flora and fauna of the planet, being a natural reserve of genetic material. In addition to being a great lung for the planet concentrating a large amount of carbon and releasing vital oxygen for our survival. Another important function is to be a global climate regulator.

world map rainforest

Image courtesy of Kids Mongabay


Flora & fauna of the Costa Rica rainforest


These dense and wonderful forests are a very delicate habitat. Each plant and animal that lives in them play an important role in their balance.

Costa Rica rainforest red eyed frog

The Costa Rica rainforest has up to five layers of vegetation. Its species are always green, and it grows throughout the year. Each tree struggles to reach those few rays of light that do not find a way through the density of the tree canopies. The highest species reach up to 50 meters in height with large roots that stretch as they would want to reach the sky. Then a continuous grid of vines or lianas is formed. In lower strata, we see many species of shrubs with large leaves and dwarf palm trees. In this type of forest, we find the precious and colorful orchids, as well as mosses, bromeliads and lichens.


It is interesting that their soils have little leaf coverage, as each of the leaves that fall is quickly absorbed by the roots of the trees because of its high nutritional value.

Costa Rica rainforest sloth

The complicated habitat is completed with thousands of insect species, hundreds of birds, reptiles and large mammals.  Some of the most interesting wildlife to spot during a visit to the Costa Rica rainforest includes: sloths, monkeys, the giant Tapir, the jaguar, the cougar, the colorful Toucan, crocodiles, the famous red-eyed tree frog and many more!



Where to experience the Costa Rica rainforest


If staying in one of our amazing vacation rental properties, our concierge will be happy to plan for you the most wonderful exploration of the Costa Rica rainforest.  Some of our concierge recommendation places to visit include:


The Arenal Volcano.

The colossus is surrounded by a living lab.  The rich Costa Rica rainforest in this all-time favorite area can be explored in a variety of options: zip lining, hanging bridges or in a nature hike.

Costa Rica rainforest Arenal volcano

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

The Rio Celeste Waterfall and the Tenorio Volcano National Park.  Visiting this area not only allows you to enter the enigmatic Costa Rica rainforest, but it also lets you witness a unique natural phenomenon, the dyer of the waters of Rio Celeste.  We guarantee you will love it.

Rio celeste Costa Rica rainfoest

Kiwanda Maji.  This private reserve located on the slopes of the Rincon de la Vieja volcano is the perfect option for those who are visiting us with little ones.  An easy trail will allow you to explore the Costa Rica rainforest as well as four different waterfalls, have fun at the local farm, dip into a bright blue spring waters lagoon and taste amazing recipes created with locally grown ingredients.

costa rica rural tourism

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