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Reduce stress and anxiety is a popular goal nowadays. Today we bring you a great remedy that does not involve a medical prescription.

Stress and anxiety, epidemics of our times

Chronic stress and Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) are affecting millions of people nowadays.  According to Medical News Today 6.8 million people suffer from this condition, and Everyday Health reported in a recent survey that 57% of the respondents say they have been paralyzed by stress.

The real problem with this situation is the health crisis our world is living.  Stress is toxic to your body. The Mayo Clinic talks about real effects on your body, mood and behavior.  Heart disease, blood pressure and diabetes are among the health problems that unchecked stress can lead to.

On the other hand, anxiety effects can compromise your health too.  Healthline explains that anxiety can cause extreme fatigue, headaches, high blood pressure, loss of libido among others.

Stress and anxiety need to be attended urgently and lifestyle changes are urgent.

How to reduce stress and anxiety

Visit green areas frequently relax the mind and reduce the levels of stress in our body. It disconnects us from the hectic pace of everyday life and from the oppressive routine.

Getting in touch with nature not only helps reduce stress and anxiety, it also has health benefits. Several scientific studies have proven that being in contact with green and natural spaces increases NK cells (natural killers) that fight cancer, as well as reduce asthma and allergies, reinforce our positive thoughts and stimulate creativity and sociability.

A visit to Costa Rica and its innumerable natural destinations can help you improve your self-esteem, causing better behavior, becoming more generous, increasing mutual trust and generating greater willingness to help others.

The green color evokes calmness and harmony. Having direct contact with these environments provides greater performance and produces better cognitive functioning. It empowers us in self-discipline and control of impulses. Consequently, it provides us with better mental health.

Rainforest arenal volcano stress and anxiety relief

Visit Costa Rica and feel Pura Vida


In Costa Rica you live in the Pura Vida style, leaving no room for stress and anxiety when you visit us.  Our small country stands out for its biodiversity wealth and as one of the happiest countries in the world.


Stay in our amazing Vacation Rentals, connect with nature and go back home free of stress and anxiety.


The benefits of being in contact with nature are:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Reduces blood pressure.
  • Relaxes the mind and body.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Increases NK cells.
  • Reduces mental fatigue.
  • Stimulates creativity and sociability.

Stress and anxiety reflief in nature

The plants defend themselves against fungi and bacteria. This repels of possible predators. This natural self-defense of the flora of an ecosystem expels itself to the environment,  in such a low dose, that it generates a hormonal effect for the human being. It’s like a vaccine that protects us from diseases.

Trees are also the most powerful inhabitants of nature, generating an electromagnetic balance on the planet. Trees emanate unimaginable energy vibrations. So, embracing a tree transmits a great amount of energy to our body.

To live the experience of being in contact with nature and reduce stress and anxiety, we recommend you to:

  • Turn off your mobile or leave it at home.
  • Leave the mind blank, free of thoughts.
  • Also, forget your clock and don´t stress about time.
  • Stay in a comfortable accommodation that makes you feel pampered but that it also allows you to stay in contact with nature.
  • Visit our National Parks and prefer guided tours, so that someone else worries about logistics.


Our concierge can help you book the perfect activities to help you reduce stress and anxiety. Visit Costa Rica, stay in one of our Vacation Rentals and live the Pura Vida!