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Visiting Costa Rica during the rainy season can be the best idea however, lots of people hesitate about it. Why? We tell you here …


The climate is cooler and more pleasant

Visiting Costa Rica during the rainy season

Beautiful tropical Pacific Ocean coast in Costa Rica

In Costa Rica we do not have four seasons like in many countries. As we are located near the Equator, the temperature is quite stable during the year with variations of only a few degrees. Therefore, warm temperatures remain regardless of the date you visit us, especially if you visit our beautiful coastal areas.


Therefore, the seasons are differentiated only by the presence or not of the rain. Thus, we have a rainy or green season, and a dry or golden season.


Between the months of November to April, the Pacific coasts, as well as the Central Valley of the country, receive almost no rain. In these months, temperatures are high reaching almost 100°F on the Pacific coast.


Otherwise, during the months of May to September, the aforementioned areas receive between 8 inches and 14 inches of rain. This means that under normal conditions, we enjoy sunny mornings and rainy and cool afternoons. The presence of cloudiness causes temperatures to drop a few degrees, so we enjoyed a very pleasant warmth weather.


Regarding the presence of hurricanes and storms, it is important to mention that due to climate change issues, Costa Rica is not exempt in 100% of its effect. However, in the last 150 years, the country has only been hit directly by these climatic phenomena on two occasions. Generally, hurricanes mostly affect the Caribbean islands and other areas of the planet, without a direct impact on our blessed country.


Visiting Costa Rica during the rainy season will allow you to enjoy a warm but more balanced climate.


The landscape


At the same time, nature undergoes a transformation as a result of natural adaptation to the habitat in the presence or absence of rainfall. During the dry season, the trees lose practically all their leaves in order to survive. This is why this season is also called the Golden Season.


Conversely, during the rainy season, after just a few days of rain, the landscape changes completely to green and leafy trees.


Visiting Costa Rica during the rainy season will allow you to enjoy a country of exuberant nature wherever you go. And, although you plan outdoor activities, these are usually not affected as the rains can be intense, but of short duration.

Visiting Costa Rica during the rainy season comparison

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Fewer people

If your image of Costa Rica is a secluded beach where nature meets the sea, visiting Costa Rica during the rainy season is your best option.


The months of the rainy season do not correspond directly with months of school holidays of the countries that visit us the most, such as the United States. So, its beaches and National Parks will have a lower visitation, allowing you to enjoy the spaces practically in a private way.

Visiting Costa Rica during the rainy season hike

A more personalized service

As we mentioned earlier, visiting Costa Rica during the rainy season will make you feel that everything has been reserved for you. Naturally, because there are fewer tourists sharing the area with you, you can receive a more personalized treatment when visiting tours or visiting different areas.


Although, by staying with us, a personalized service can be guaranteed throughout the year, visiting us during this season will give you more options when choosing the Vacation Rental of your choice.

Visiting Costa Rica during the rainy season landscape

Best prices

The law of the market dictates that when there is less demand, prices tend to fall, and visiting Costa Rica during the rainy season will allow you to take advantage of this universal law.


From flights to the price of dinner in a restaurant, from the nightly rate in our beautiful Vacation Rentals to the tour you want to enjoy. In absolutely any service, the green season not only brings refreshing rains but also offers everywhere.


Visiting Costa Rica during the rainy season may be one of the best decisions you can make, contact us and we can discuss further. By staying with us, your personal concierge will help you plan this perfect trip through Costa Rica.