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Costa Rica’s new tourism campaign titled “Only the essentials” was launched early this month in the United States. But what is it about?

Why “Only the essentials”?

Costa Rica is a tiny country of less than 20,000 square miles.  Within a territory smaller than Lake Michigan, the possibilities to reconnect with your inner self and go back to your essence are unlimited.


Nature is one of the most important “essential” elements in life.  The incredible biodiversity of the country offers the opportunity to our visitors to experience 12 ecosystems and 5% of all the existent biodiversity in the world.  From the famous rain forest, to the unique cloud forest and the fascinating dry forest, to name a few.


Well-being could be one of the greatest challenges nowadays. This life essential is one of the most experienced effects when visiting our country.  Stay in our of our luxury properties with all the comfort you need, wake-up to the howls of the monkeys, wander secluded beaches, feel amazed by the colorful birds, visit an active volcano, enjoy a yoga class or paddle through the Pacific ocean while the sun sets in the horizon.


For those who need to feel the adrenaline flow through the veins to feel alive, Costa Rica is your destination. Fly through the lush tree canopies in a zip line tour, feel the power of nature in a white-water rafting expedition, enter the bowels of the earth exploring ancient caves, and much more!


“Only the essentials” also mean to immerse into the local culture.  Learn how to craft millenary vases, savor Costa Rica delicacies and get to know local art expressions.

only the essentials campaign

Image courtesy of qcostarica


More than a campaign


Costa Rica will take on major US and Canada cities during the next following 24 months.  “Only the essentials” will invite millions of people to make a change in their lives.


The campaign will use different platforms to feature the message: Public transportation wraps, TV spots, display banners, social media and others.


New Yorkers will have also the opportunity to experience Costa Rica´s rainforest right in the main financial district.  Next September 25, an immersive journey of the senses will transport magically all visitors to a Costa Rican oasis.  Through atmospheric elements like 360° sound and real Costa Rica plants, this amazing experience will entice everyone to rediscover life´s essentials.

only the essentials campaign

Image courtesy of qcostarica


If you feel like reconnecting with life´s essentials, contact us to book your stay and your personalized concierge will help you curate your experience.