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In the #weekforfuture Costa Rica was named Champion of the Earth and only days before it was recognized with the Montreal Protocol award.

During perhaps the most important week for our planet earth, in which the UN Climate Action Summit took place and the global climate strikes around the world were held, Costa Rica has been crowned with one of the most important environmental awards on the planet.

Why is Costa Rica, Champion of the Earth?


Champion of the Earth is the highest award of the United Nations and the world in environmental terms. Since 2005, 21 world leaders, 56 individuals and 11 organizations have been awarded, divided into 4 different categories:

  • Political leadership: people or organizations in the public sector that lead the dialogue, commitments and action plans for the welfare of the planet.
  • Inspiration and action: people or organizations that inspire positive change and lead by example.
  • Entrepreneurship: people or organizations with an innovative vision, who create new technologies or build systems for a better future.
  • Science and innovation: people or organizations that create new technological possibilities for the planet.


Costa Rica demonstrated with its decarbonization plan that implementing public policies for the prosperity of the planet is possible. The plan presented the previous year by the government of President Carlos Alvarado has been the reason why Costa Rica was crowned as Champion of the Earth.



Montreal Protocol


In addition to be a Champion of the Earth, Costa Rica was also recognized by the Montreal Protocol. The National Customs Service and the Ozone Office of MINAE received the award for their hard work in confiscating products that deplete the ozone layer.


The Montreal Protocol is an international agreement negotiated in 1987 during the Vienna Convention. It was designed to protect the fragile ozone layer, identifying substances responsible for its depletion and committing the 196 signatory countries to reduce and eliminate its use.


32 years after its promulgation, scientists have gradually observed the positive impact on the ozone layer. In 2018, satellite measurements were used to quantify the presence of chlorine in the ozone hole, confirming that the ban has resulted in 20% less depletion compared to 2005, the year of the first measurement by NASA.



While it is true that Costa Rica has a long way to go in environmental matters, the commitment it has made towards decarbonization is an example to be followed by the whole planet. At such a critical moment for humanity, what has not been done in the past is not important. The only thing that will change the course towards an imminent extinction of the human being is what we do today.


Costa Rica seeks to be a source of inspiration, but not only for developed countries as a whole, but for each and every one of us. Change must take place in our homes, in our day to day, with small actions.


We invite you to come to Costa Rica, champion of the earth and learn more about its natural beauty. Stay in one of our beautiful and luxurious vacation rentals and your personal concierge will help you plan a memorable trip.