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“This time of the year” started early with the announcement of an Arctic blast forecasting low temperatures to the eastern two-thirds of the US.


According to the US National Weather Service, next week´s cold temperatures are “a little taste” of the freezing upcoming months.





Who is going to be affected by the arctic blast?


Winter has not officially started and yet the United States will be affected in the coming days by a cold front that is expected to break more than 170 records.


The cold could be felt from the beginning of this weekend in New York and Boston.


The 3-day process will feel stronger from Monday in the center and east of the country. Temperatures will begin to fall on Monday in flat areas, and between Tuesday and Wednesday it will move eastward.


Areas such as Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio, Mississippi and Alabama will lower their temperatures to record levels.


Escape the arctic blast in a Costa Rican getaway

Escape the arctic blast

If the cold is not for you, we wait for you in our heavenly beaches. With direct flights from major cities in the United States such as Chicago, New York, Atlanta, and Dallas, you can escape the cold now or plan your vacation for the frozen months of January or February.


In contrast to the arctic blast, Costa Rica has an enviable tropical climate with warm temperatures throughout the year. Its beautiful coasts are bathed by both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.


Costa Rica presents a rich biodiversity famous in the world. In a territory smaller than Lake Michigan, it is home to more than 5% of the planet’s biodiversity. Nearly 25% of its territory is protected, earning it as valuable recognition as being named by Lonely Planet as the sixth best tourist destination in the world or the most beautiful country in the world by Conde Nast Traveler.


Stay with us, forget about the arctic blast, and let your personal concierge plan a perfect getaway. Sunbathe on the beach, fly among the treetops on a zip lining tour, explore an active volcano or simply enjoy the ocean view from the balcony of your Vacation Rental.

Contact us, leave the cold behind and start enjoying Pura Vida.