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If you are looking for your next adventure or a quick winter escape, today we bring you 5 things you will love about Costa Rica, so you can start planning your trip.


A little bit about Costa Rica


Located between Nicaragua and Panama in Central America, Costa Rica is a little piece of paradise.  With just 19,691 square miles, Costa Rica is home to 5% of all biodiversity on the planet. Just as a reference Costa Rica is smaller than Lake Michigan, which size reaches 22,394 square miles.


Its official name is República de Costa Rica and is one of the few countries in the world with no standing army, investing this budget in education.  Reason why it is the only country in Central America to be free of illiteracy.


The country has only 2 “seasons”, one rainy or green and one dry or “golden”. Although the rainy season extends in much of the country from May to November, the levels of rain are low, meaning sunny mornings and afternoons with fast showers.


Spanish is its official language, however being a country, whose main industry is tourism, English is widely spoken. The same goes for the currency. The colon is the official currency, however the United States Dollar is widely accepted.


The country has two international airports. Juan Santamaría (SJO) located in the Central Valley, and the Daniel Oduber Quirós (LIR) located in the North Pacific. Both airports offer a large number of direct flights from the main cities of the United States and Canada, so that within a few hours you can be enjoying your vacation.


As if these general data were not enough, here are the 5 things you will love about Costa Rica.


5 things you will love about Costa Rica


1- The Pura Vida is real

Pura Vida things you will love about Costa Rica

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Although it sounds like a marketing invention, Pura Vida really exists. Its literal meaning is pure life, but for the Tico (Costa Rican) it is much more than that.


Pura Vida is an expression. It is used as a greeting, instead of hello, but also as a how you are, being also accepted as your immediate response, meaning that it is very good. Also, it can mean that someone is a good person … Juan is really Pura Vida. Or even as an adjective towards a circumstance, situation or event in the time that is positive.


But, in addition to all this, and more importantly, Pura Vida is a reflection of the Ticos lifestyle. It means being happy, enjoying the simplicity of life, living more present and fuller.


It is not surprising, that Pura Vida being the motto of the country, Costa Rica has been ranked as the happiest country in the world on several occasions.  Therefore, being a Pura Vida country is one of the 5 things you will love about Costa Rica.



2. It is home to one of the 5 Blue Zones in the world

blue zone things you will love about Costa Rica

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The blue areas are the places in the world where there is a greater concentration of long-lived inhabitants (centenarians) and living their years healthy.


Nicoya, located in the North Pacific, is not only one of the 5 blue zones but it is the largest. The list is completed with the cities of Okinawa (Japan); Sardinia (Italy); Icaria (Greece); and Loma Linda, California (US).


You can visit this privileged area of the world by staying with us in our beautiful vacation rentals and learn more about the secret of these centenarians.



3. It is always warm

While in the north of the continent countries such as the United States and Canada suffer more and more with the harsh winters, in Costa Rica the weather is warm all year.


Being one of the 5 things you will love about Costa Rica, its climate varies only a few degrees in the year. During the winter season in the North, Costa Rica enjoys sunny days with an average of 89 in the central valley and 95 in the North Pacific. The trade winds make although the temperatures rise, the atmosphere feels pleasant.


If a day at the beach is your definition of the perfect vacation, Costa Rica is your ideal destination to enjoy them with a pleasant climate throughout the year.


4. It’s Biodiversity

Costa Rica Monkey - Conchal Beach

If, when thinking about the biodiversity of Costa Rica, a tender sloth is the first thing that comes to mind, you will be surprised to know that this tender animal is only a race of the 227 mammal races that you can find in our green country.


In a territory as small as that of Costa Rica, experts consider that the number of species it hosts reaches 500,000. However, only 18% of this impressive number has been discovered, representing 91,000 identified species.


You will be surprised to drive around the country and realize how the landscape changes in a few kilometers. Of the 38 life zones that exist in the world (according to Holdridge), Costa Rica is home to 12, a surprising number for such a small territory.


In simple terms, visiting Costa Rica will allow you to get to know many types of forest and find a lot of wildlife in a short time. In a single week’s stay, you could visit a dry tropical forest, a cloud forest and a rain forest. In addition to its marine wealth, since Costa Rica is bathed by both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.


5. Its plans of becoming carbon-neutral

carbon neutral things you will love about Costa Rica

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It would do no good if Costa Rica was home to such a rich nature if I didn’t know how to take care of it. The previous year, the country set itself the challenge of becoming neutral carbon by 2050. While it is true, Costa Rica is not a great carbon generator worldwide, the main goal of this plan is to show that it can be done. make the change and be a role model for the rest of the world.


One of the most relevant factors in this change is the production of sustainable energy. In this field, Costa Rica has been a pioneer for a few years now. By the end of 2019, Costa Rica will have achieved for the fifth consecutive year operating with 98% renewable energy.


Other points in favor highlight that more than 20% of its territory is protected, managing to recover its forested area in an exemplary manner.


While it is true that the country has important challenges especially in public transport, the plan has been drawn up and its results are expected to be measured year by year. Therefore, the determination to make a change and have a positive impact on our planet is one of the 5 things you will love about Costa Rica.



As we know you are already in love with our Country, be sure to contact us.  Stay in our luxury Vacation Rentals and your personal concierge will help you find more million things to love about Costa Rica.