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In a society in which the quality of life is increasingly scarce, vacations can be the ideal time for a change of life. Finding well-being in Costa Rica is one of the most common and sought-after reasons today. However, wellness in Costa Rica does not necessarily mean becoming an expert in yoga or meditating all your vacations. Wellness in Costa Rica is very easy to enjoy and here we show you how.

wellness in costa rica forest

What is wellness?


Wellness does not only mean achieving the absence of disease in our lives. Wellness is an active process, a lifestyle, a practice that leads us to seek health in a holistic and holistic way.


According to the National Wellness Institute there are six dimensions of wellness: emotional, occupational, physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual. It may seem like a lot of work, but really having a close interconnection between its elements, the search for well-being naturally encompasses each of them.


Wellness in Costa Rica, where to start.


It doesn’t matter if you’ve never been to a yoga class or if you haven’t made the best decisions lately for your physical health. A trip to Costa Rica can be a first step to plant that seed of wellness in your life. Some of the following activities could naturally be part of the itinerary of any tourist, but if we look at them closely, they could be very good activities to start practicing wellness in your life. Wellness in Costa Rica can be almost effortless if we pay attention.


Wellness in Costa Rica 1: Soak in Nature

wellness in costa rica nature

A girl in the forest

Contact with nature immediately allows us to feel more relaxed and in tune with the entire world. One of the most important states that can be achieved when acquiring a wellness state is to be present and a nature bath is an excellent way to practice being present.


The physical aspect can be greatly benefited too from the practice of connecting with nature. A good walk along a path surrounded by forests and wildlife is a very good physical exercise.


Therefore, just by allowing us a moment in nature, the physical, emotional and even the spiritual dimensions of wellness are benefited.


Costa Rica offers a wide variety of nature type options for all tastes. From the famous tropical rainforest, through the very special dry tropical forest, or why not just an afternoon on the beach listening to the sea. This what Costa Rica wellness is all about.


Wellness in Costa Rica 2: Contribute to a local organization

wellness in costa rica volunteering

A good practice for the dimensions of wellness: occupational, social and even the intellectual may be contributing to a local organization.


The options are endless. From the simple fact of visiting a National Park, it allows you to collaborate economically with the maintenance of the place, achieving a positive impact on the environment.


If contact with wildlife is what you are looking for, you can visit animal rescue centers,  volunteer in these special places or help with a donation.


You can also find very nice options for humanitarian aid, especially in the help of children at social risk, if this is your line of interest.


By staying in our luxurious condominiums, your personal concierge can help you book visits to a large number of national parks, as well as other community assistance options.


Wellness in Costa Rica 3: Practice the Pura Vida

blue zone things you will love about Costa Rica

Image courtesy of La Voz de Guanacaste

Wellness in Costa Rica is summed up in a phrase that is part of our culture and lifestyle, the Pura Vida.


Unlike what many people think, Pura Vida is not an advertising slogan, nor is it just slang. Pura Vida is a way of life, it is a philosophy of living life in the present, appreciating the blessings at the moment and being happy for it without focusing on problems, it is a more relaxed life, it is aiming for real connections with people and collecting experiences more than material things.


Our way of life Pura Vida is one of the reasons why we have been repeatedly considered the happiest country on the planet, and why we are also part of the exclusive list of blue zones of the world.



Wellness in Costa Rica 4: Enjoy the large amount of fresh food

wellness in costa rica food 

Of course, we cannot ignore food as a fundamental pillar of well-being in Costa Rica. A diet based on fresh products such as vegetables and tropical fruits is the perfect recipe for a long life of well-being as demonstrated by countless research, including the plant-based diet recommended by Blue Zones.


When visiting Costa Rica, we recommend trying the largest amount of fruits and vegetables, from the most delicious pineapples with their almost golden color and unmatched sweetness, to exotic tubers such as Malanga or Arracacha.



If you are tired of your intense pace of life full of stress and anxiety, we invite you to contact us and we will help you plan your perfect wellness in Costa Rica vacation.