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What is Reserva Conchal in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is indeed one of the most famous holiday destinations in the world. There are several key locations and facts which contribute to the increasing popularity of the Costa Rican land. Reserva Conchal real estate is one of those many reasons for which the country has gained so much popularity amongst people from both national and international territories.

This is a prestigious resort and real estate community covering around 2300 acres of land near the Playa Conchal shore in the Northern side of the Pacific Ocean. Here, not only you will find the elite and luxurious residential structures but also a hub of natural reserves that make the ground so famous.

Why Reserva Conchal Is So Famous?

Several reasons are there for which the Reserva Conchal real estate is so famous amongst the Costa Ricans and other parts of the world. Here, we have just pointed out some of the reasons for which you should choose the Reserva Conchal for your next Reserva Conchal vacation trip in this Central American country.

  1. The vast white sandy beach along the Playa Conchal beach is a serene spot to spend some nice time, either alone or with your partner or family. It is full of broken shells of different kinds which make the beach more enigmatic.
  2. Since Reserva Conchal is located towards the Northern side of the Pacific, you will have clear views of the crystal blue Pacific Ocean. Here, you can go for a swim, paddling, snorkeling, and other kinds of water sports like different surfing spots very close by.
  3. The villas, condos, resorts, and other key residential structures in the Reserva Conchal ground are premium and one of a kind. You wouldn’t find such architectures anywhere else in Costa Rica.
  4. This is a ground for natural reserves and hence both flora and fauna are cultivated, encouraged to survive, and taken care of.
  5. Lastly, Reserva Conchal is famous for the 18 hole golf course. Challenging course with rolling hills that will most definitely present a natural challenge for you.

What Are The Popular Residential Locations in Reserva Conchal?

2300 acres and Reserva Conchal real estate is filled with several residential architectures.  Here we mention 4 out of 10 residential areas for you to have some idea of what to find.

  • Sixty-two condominiums having a pure Spanish colonial architecture are located in the Bougainvillea region.
  • The Malinchedevelopment comprises of two apartment buildings and six exotic villas, and every residential structure has ocean views facing Playa Conchal.
  • The Caraocondos in Reserva Conchal comprises of thirty condos and twelve town homes, each having the perfect view of the mountains, oceans, and the golf course.
  • Roble Sabana has twenty condos built with a contemporary architecture, and ranges from 800 to 1500 square feet in area.


The terrain of Reserva Conchal varies, but a relevant percentage of the residences provide a great view of the Pacific Ocean. Spending a few days in the community will leave you fully satisfied and joyous from the inside! After all, the Reserva Conchal real estate was created with the sole aim of giving you an unforgettable vacation or an everlasting stay!