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The one reason for which no one wants to miss the Guanacaste during their Costa Rican trip is the presence of innumerable golf fields. Be it the resort golf fields or the independent golf clubs, several tourists visit the country just to relax and play golf.

After learning that we can play golf in Guanacaste like no other place in the entire Costa Rican country, we immediately booked the tickets. However, we were not sure what to pack for golf vacations since it was our first time.

After a lot of research, here is the checklist we formed that everyone should follow while going on a hold vacation in Guanacaste.

A Foldable Golf Bag

The first thing that we listed down was a foldable golf bag. The normal, rigid golf bag with stands can’t be carried easily during travel. That’s why we chose a golf bag which can be crushed and made smaller to fit the travel bags.

Proper Golf Apparel

For golf vacations, it is important to have the proper apparels. For men, we decided to have the golf pants which can fit in snugly without restrict the leg movements. As for the T-shirt, collared shirts are better as per our opinion with short sleeves. For women, a short golf skirt is better which won’t cause problem in widening the stance. Tank tops, t-shirts, and a jacket are perfect for female wears.

A Pair Of Shades

Even though the climate in Guanacaste remains constant almost, we knew that the daytime can become harsh due to the sun’s heat. To protect our eyes, we packed a pair of shades with sun protection coating. It helped us to protect our eyes against the sun and also the winds.

An Umbrella and a Water Bottle

Golf is played out in the open and hence, there is no way by which we could protect ourselves from rain or the sun. That’s why an umbrella was must for us. In addition, we also carried a proper water bottle which would fit in the golf bag we were carrying.

Proper Golf Shoes

Lastly, we grabbed a pair of proper shoes that are needed for playing golf. These shoes have a snug fit so that we won’t have to face problem while moving our legs. Also, we went for a lace closure since it provides option for adjusting the shoes as per the requirement.


Guanacaste in Costa Rica is one of the popular tourist destinations. Starting from the long beaches to the unique wildlife, this particular province has become a tourist hot spot. But what attracted us was the presence of golf fields where we could play the game leisurely to spend time and also get into some exercises.