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Every new country you visit has its own culture that makes it special, a reflection of that culture can be found in its language. So, today we bring you a small guide to basic Spanish for your next vacation in Costa Rica.   Why learn basic Spanish for your next vacation?   The old proverb […]

Getting outside your comfort zone can be extremely difficult but also incredibly rewarding. Traveling without the ease of having your family or friends right beside you could be an amazing experience in unexpected ways.  Today we tell you all you need to know about how to have the perfect Costa Rica solo vacation.   Solo […]

Everyone has heard about ecotourism. It is actually a term usually related to Costa Rica. But have you experienced or tried Costa Rica rural tourism? Today we will talk about this great form of knowing our country and the great people from our communities.   How to experience Costa Rica Rural Tourism?   Experiencing Costa […]

When it comes to Costa Rican real estate, it’s relatively hard to have everything you want. You sometimes find yourself in the need to decide what things you are willing to give up and which things may be completely “must have´s”.  Although this is true for most places in the world, its perhaps a bit […]

Every culture has its own flavors and Costa Rica is not an exception.  Even though there are so many Costa Rican food dishes everyone should try, today we bring you just 5 we think you should look for on your next visit to our country.   Costa Rican food   Our country has a great […]

A Costa Rica vacation rental is a great option for accommodation when visiting our beautiful country. If you have not tried this alternative before and are feeling undecided our blog today will definitely help you take the right decision.   Traveling is exciting, but to achieve feeling amazed by a destination, comfort is key. Let’s […]

If you have visited Costa Rica or is planning to do so the most probable is that at some point you will wonder if taking a tour in Costa Rica is worth it or not.  Today we give some pieces of advice that will help you find out if a tour is for you or […]

Volcanoes have shaped our planet since the beginning of times and have fascinated human beings all along.  Costa Rica has been blessed with magnificent volcanoes you should visit during your next vacation. Stay with us and we tell you 5 reasons you should visit a volcano in Costa Rica. Mysterious, powerful, spectacular and imposing, are […]

Packing can be challenging, especially if it is the first time you are visiting a destination. But, if you are planning to visit our Pura Vida country stay with us. We bring you our full guide of packing for Costa Rica.   Prepare ahead for packing for Costa Rica   There are other things to […]

Some months ago, we shared the story of how our company began.  Today, we are excited to announce a new chapter for My Guanacaste Vacation.  Learn our story and why we are the true Conchal Experts, your best choice for Vacation Rentals, Real Estate and Property Management in Reserva Conchal.   The turning point   […]

It is never too early to start planning your next vacation, especially if you are thinking in taking some holidays during a busy season. If you are looking for some ideas let us tell you 5 reasons you should visit Costa Rica. We know you will be counting the days until you arrive at our […]

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