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We are the true Conchal experts

We have a combined 24-year experience within Reserva Conchal. Our vast experience makes us the true Conchal experts in Real Estate sales, vacation rentals and property management.  We are a taylor made solution for your needs in Reserva Conchal

We are a local family business

This means that we really care, your experience, your property is our passion, our life. Rated No. 1 in client satisfaction among all companies within Reserva Conchal, we proudly offer a personalized and detail-driven service.

We are your neighbors

We live here, we are owners within the resort where you will be staying or investing.  We have been in your shoes, we understand the experience so we can guide and advice better than anyone.

We had a wonderful time!

Dear Melissa: We had a wonderful time! Thank you for being such a fantastic host. For those of you who have just arrived I can assure you will love this house and all the country has to offer. We had a very romantic evening on board the private catamaran. The dinner prepared by the chef was quite memorable as we sailed into beautiful Costa Rican sunset. I hope you all have as wonderful of a vacation as we did!

Amazing and beautiful in every way!!!

We caught 15 mahi-mahi on our private open water trip! Then enjoyed touring the coastline and snorkeling on the beaches. Amazing and beautiful in every way!!! Thank you Melissa!! You were incredible! Pura Vida to all.

Beautiful and amazing vacation!

Beautiful and amazing vacation! Condo, pool and beach all incredibly relaxing and inviting. Arenal is a must! Zip-ling, hot springs all fantastic. We had a blast visiting the area. Melissa you are invaluable. Thank you for all your amazing assistance, advice and peace!!!

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Costa Rica is the most beautiful country in the world

According to Conde Nast Traveler, Costa Rica is the most beautiful country in the world.  On its Top 40 list, Costa Rica has crowned in the first place thanks to its well-known nature’s attractiveness. How was Costa Rica selected as the most beautiful country in the...

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Costa Rica Champion of the Earth

In the #weekforfuture Costa Rica was named Champion of the Earth and only days before it was recognized with the Montreal Protocol award. During perhaps the most important week for our planet earth, in which the UN Climate Action Summit took place and the global...

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Costa Rica takes U.S. with “Only the essentials”

Costa Rica’s new tourism campaign titled “Only the essentials” was launched early this month in the United States. But what is it about? Why “Only the essentials”? Costa Rica is a tiny country of less than 20,000 square miles.  Within a...

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Costa Rica butterflies

The rainy season in Costa Rica is one of the best times to visit our paradisiacal country. Something that attracts the attention of our visitors is the great quantity and diversity of Costa Rica butterflies that can be seen everywhere during these dates. While it is...

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Costa Rican coffee

Costa Rican coffee is worldwide recognized by the quality of its coffee. If you are a coffee aficionado stay with us an discover the secrets of our “grano de oro” (golden seed)   Today, June 28, but 128 years ago, the municipality of San José had the vision to urge...

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El equipo de My Guanacaste Vacation, ante la pandemia del COVID19, sigue un protocolo sugerido por el ministerio de salud. Nuestro personal es consciente de mantener el distanciamiento, evitar tocarse la cara y mantener las manos limpias por medio de lavado de manos y/o alcohol en gel.

El equipo cuenta con equipo de protección: tapa bocas, caretas, alcohol en gel y lo necesario para mantener la higiene y el cuidado de nuestros colaboradores y clientes.

La limpieza de nuestras propiedades es muy detallada y se enfoca en las superficies de contacto, utilizando productos apropiados para la desinfección.

The team of My Guanacaste Vacation, follows protocols given by the minister of Health which include:

All members understanding the importance to keep their distance, avoid touching their face and keep their hands clean by washing them with water and soap and/or hand sanitizer.

My Guanacaste Vacation has access to hygiene protection equipment necessary to avoid transmission of COVID19. All this done to keep our team and clients safer.

The cleaning procedures of our properties is detailed and focused on surfaces and corners using proper cleaning products.

Melissa Garcia  |  Owner